12 Brilliant Photo Wall Ideas To Bring Your Wall To Life

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Tired of looking at your dull and bare wall? Liven it up by making a picture wall out of it. If you consider yourself pretty good with getting stuff done around the house — working with power tools and self-drilling decking screws — this should be easy for you. In fact, you don’t really need to be a handyman to get this project done. All you need is a little creativity and lots of pictures.

We’ve listed some ideas to help get you started with your picture wall project.

Photo Wall Ideas that Will Bring Life to Your Dull Walls

  1. Eclecticism

No themes or rules to follow. Just put up whatever you want however you want just as long as it looks good and you’re satisfied with the outcome.

  1. Around the World

If you’re the type of person who does a lot of traveling and enjoys taking lots of photos on your trips, an around-the-world or touristy theme will go well for your picture wall.

  1. Typography

A slightly unique approach to a photo wall is instead of putting up pictures, you put up different images of quotes and other types of typography.

  1. Children’s Artwork

Display your children’s masterpieces for everyone to see and admire. They don’t just belong in your children’s rooms. There’s an absolute rawness in a child’s artwork that, despite its somewhat rugged appearance with squiggly lines and uneven composition, is still a sight for sore eyes.

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  1. Stand-Out

If you want to do something different, try this one: take a few photos with a unifying theme and then add one that’s completely different from them all making it stand out among the rest.

  1. Monochromatic Palette

A very simple and clean approach to a picture wall is to have all of your images processed in one hue. Having matching picture frames for all the photos adds to its overall effect.

  1. Staircase

There’s no written rule that you cannot put up a picture wall by the staircase. Have at it and design it all you want.

  1. Canvas Prints

Your photos don’t always need to be placed in picture frames. You can have several of them printed on canvas and mounted on wooden frames as you would a painting with frameless borders for a different feel.

  1. Aesthetically Angled

Nobody said you can’t play around with your photos. Try setting all of your frames at a certain angle to make for a really visually interesting picture wall.

  1. Shelves

Picture frames sitting on several shelves lined up on your wall gives it a good appearance with clean lines.

  1. Strength in Numbers

If you have tons of pictures you want to put up and don’t want to sort through them all, then put them all up on your wall. The more, the merrier.

  1. Borders

There’s something striking and visually pleasing about seeing pictures contained in a nice clean white border.

Putting up a picture wall is a fun way of decorating your home and showcasing wonderful memories captured in photos. Get started on yours now.

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