6 Window Treatments that Will Make Your View Even Better

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Windows can either make or break a space, and many people often overlook the importance of window treatments. These coverings can be decorative, functional, or provide a perfect balance of the two. From luxurious flowing drapes to classic curtains, these can bring movement and style to any minimalist room.

Depending on your room’s atmosphere, decoration, style, and size, you’ll see that some work better than the rest. Whether your aesthetic is conventional or contemporary, these window treatment ideas are sure to inspire a better view at home.

Tinted Windows

If you’re looking to block some sun rays but still want to allow light into your home, tinted windows are a great choice. It’s becoming a popular option among individuals that want their homes to have a ‘minimalist’ vibe while sporting elegance.

Homeowners can achieve this window treatment trend by installing window films to their homes, but it’s not advisable to make this a ‘DIY’ project as one wrong move can ruin the whole treatment. It’s best to hire professionals for window film installation for the right amount of protection from the sun.

Luxury Fabrics


If you’re looking to add more elegance or make your home a bit fancier, adding curtains made from ‘luxury fabrics’ is ideal. These luxurious fabrics include silk, fur, leather, damasks, and suede. Window coverings made from these expensive materials will remain a popular trend among individuals who desire luxury and the finer things in life. Besides the curtains, this window treatment trend also involves adding lavish embellishments on every part of the window, including the tassels, hardware, and trimmings.

Rattan for More Texture

The material rattan gives off a classic homey vibe, and it’s made a massive comeback in recent years. To incorporate this window treatment trend to your home windows, you can add wood shades made from rattan, giving your home a textured and casual look. Rattan comes in several colors and weaves, enabling you to tailor it to your home’s vibe. If you’re going for the traditional vibe, adding rattan to a roman shade can provide formality and style.

High-tech Curtains

If you’re going for a ‘smart home’ vibe, one exciting addition you can add to your modern household is fully motorized curtains or blinds. These window treatments can be closed or opened using a remote control, mobile device, or smart speaker. However, if you’re looking to incorporate this window treatment trend into your home, you need to prepare a huge budget. Depending on the window’s size and if you’re going for curtains or blinds, you can pay between $300 to $1,000 per window.


Shutters are the most popular and fastest-growing category in blind products. It offers homes a classic vibe while ensuring privacy, but using them on their own often looks stark. To soften your shutters’ vibes, you can add flowing drapes or traditional curtains, completing the look. Ensure that your curtain or drape rods are long enough to open and close your shutters with ease.

Green Design

The concept of ‘green design‘ in window treatment is becoming a favored trend among customers that want greener widows at home. Examples of green design are curtains with fabrics that feature anti-fungal and anti-microbial traits woven into them or as a topical spray. These unique designs can make even the most environmentally conscious individual feel right at home.

Get better views at home by embracing these window treatment trends. These ensure privacy, comfort, style, and fun in the comfort of your home.

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