8 Cool Features to Consider When Building a New Home

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When building a home, you often get bombarded with many things to consider — and the features you put into your house will more likely be with you for years to come. It allows you to get creative and make the property your ‘home,’ which is an opportunity that not many people get, so make the most out of your chance.

Whether you’re about to begin building a new home or want to know what features you can put into it, here are cool features to consider to make your home modern, efficient, and functional.

Heated Floors

A modern feature that’s been recently increasing in popularity is radiant heated indoor and out floors, consisting of warming coils running under the floorboards of your home or outdoor patio. Plus, you can turn it all with a simple switch. They’re generally a luxurious addition to your property. Heated floors can make your home more comfortable during the colder season, and heated driveways or patios can help you melt snow off with ease — freeing you from the laborious task of shoveling snow after snow.

Investing in decorative concrete resurfacing products can also make your floors look brand new, adding more value to your property.

High Ceilings

A great feature to have in any home is ample space, and it’s always a worthwhile investment to make. After all, there’s quite a difference in the look and feel of 6-inch ceilings between 8-inch or taller ceilings. This addition can make your home feel and appear more classy and gives you a more dramatic finish when it comes to adding lighting fixtures and wall art.

Central Vacuum System

If you don’t have the time to manually clean your home every day, investing in a central vacuum system can be a fantastic choice. It’s essentially a vacuum living in your walls, with a broad collection of containers for dirt, dust, and other debris in your home, typically in the basement. This feature lets you clean up fast and without any issues. All you need to do is plug in the hose to one of its many portals in your home.

Smart Features

Although you can add smart devices, appliances, and systems later on, if you’re building a home from scratch, you may as well make it a ‘smart’ home from the get-go. These include self-programmable thermostats and smarter HVAC systems, reducing your energy usage, and making your home more efficient. Meanwhile, AI-powered doorbells and door locks can significantly give your home security a boost. These additions can also add a lot to your home’s resale value.

Sprinkler Systems

When it comes to your yard, consider investing in quality built-in sprinkler systems, saving you a ton of time when it comes to doing yard work. It’s a handy feature in newly constructed homes since your sod, trees, and plants will likely require plenty of care and attention while they put down roots around your new property. Instead of going out to water your entire yard, you can program built-in sprinkler systems to go off at periodic intervals automatically.

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Additional Power Outlets

Although there’s nothing extravagant about having extra outlets in your home, they’re more of a valuable investment than you thought. When finalizing your design plan, think carefully about anywhere you may benefit from extra outlets, and it’s cheaper to put these additions beforehand. Doing this not only makes your home more functional but also adds more value to the property.

Expanded Garage

If you have the opportunity to expand your garage, either from going to a two-vehicle garage to a three-car garage or adding some additional depth, always go for it. That’s because you can never have too much garage space, and even a mere two-foot addition in either direction can make a huge difference. This feature becomes even more beneficial if you often use your garage to store other things than your cars, from bikes, tools to garden appliances—having extra space won’t make the garage too cramped and house these items with ease.


Building a home from scratch is your chance to add everything you’ve always wanted in your past homes. One such is the convenient utility of a mudroom. Keep in mind that mudrooms don’t need to be excessively big or extravagant because even a small space with a cleverly aligned wall of cubbies and bench can do wonders, especially during rainy and snowy days.

Building a new house from scratch means you get the chance to have full control over the features it includes, so take advantage of the moment and ensure you add the cool features mentioned for a more efficient and functional home. Plus, they increase its resale value — making it a win-win situation.

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