Creating Laundry Space for Your Home: The Essentials


If you are someone who always had to go to laundry shops to get your clothes cleaned, you might want to consider doing that instead of at your home. The amount of time you spend during each visit is not something to balk at, and that could be put into better use. Doing your laundry at home also saves you the effort of hauling a large batch of dirty clothes with the risk of some of them going missing. Of course, you need the space to get a project like this done. Hopefully, you have an extra room or area around the house that can be used for it. Once you have that figured out, here are the essential items you have to fill in next.

Indoor or Outdoor?

The project will depend on what kind of area is available in your house. If you found yourself a room indoors, that will make for a cleaner-looking setup, but you would have to shell out for additional materials. You will need to have your walls and floors tiled for this, and you may need to hook it to a drainage hole at the wall or the floor in case you want the water to directly flow out to a separate area.

If the available area that you have is outdoors, you can probably get away with making sure you have the essential stuff near it. Just make sure you create an additional pipeline and provisions for electricity there. You also need to make sure that you perform regular drain cleaning here by hosing down the suds and removing debris that blocks the drainage hole. Leaving this unmanaged will introduce mold all over the area. You do not want to have that anywhere near your clothes or yourself, as exposure to that can give you respiratory diseases.

Water Line

As you know, doing laundry requires a steady water source. You can get by using an extra-long hose, but that would be tedious to set up every time. Having an additional pipeline that leads to your new laundry area makes more sense. It is more durable your water flow is in no danger to be cut off or interrupted by an external force.

It is also nice to have at least an extra faucet in this area. You are expected to use up a lot of water for cleaning or rinsing the floors of soap, especially if you are outdoors. Otherwise, you will be exhausting yourself doing multiple trips fetching water from another room.


A washing machine uses and drains a large amount of water in every cycle. So if you do not want to flood your house, you want to make sure to give that an exit pathway. Check with your contractor if there is a provision on the floor for drilling drainage holes, and this goes for both indoor and outdoor areas.

Electrical Setup

This will be a job for your electrician. You need to add wall outlets as these are where your washing machines or dryers will draw power from. These should be put in high places to avoid shorting them out with splashes of water. Extension cords are discouraged, as they create clutter and are prone to be tripped over, thereby interrupting the power flow to the machines. If that happens too often, it will affect their longevity. You also want to have at least one lighting provision. You will never know when you will get into those late-night laundry sessions.

If you have been thinking about adding a laundry area in your home, that will change up the way you do things in your daily life. Expecting to clean your own clothes is an adjustment especially if you are used to frequenting shops that have those coin-operated washing machines. It is a bit of work at the beginning, but later you will appreciate the level of control and security that you have with it.

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