Creative Storage And Organizing Solutions For the Habitual Couch Potato

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It’s spring cleaning season! Time to put away all the winter stuff back into storage and get the house cleaned up for warmer and more pleasant weather. Spring cleaning can be quite a chore because of all the clutter you need to organize or get rid of. Well, disposing of stuff isn’t as much of a challenge compared to organizing and coming up with storage solutions.

If only we could all get personal storage units installed at home by the experts from Total Warehouse then we’d all be in a much better place. But reality bites. We’re left to fend for ourselves against this herculean task. Fortunately, there are some creative and ingenious ways of cleaning up at home. Here are a few that anyone could do.

12 Creative Storage and Organizing Ideas to Rid Your Home of Clutter and Mess

1. Use decorative baskets

Baskets are great for storing all kinds of trinkets. But don’t just go utilitarian. Grab a few decorative baskets to add some aesthetic value to your home as you use them to put away some of your clutter.

2. Catch-alls are the best

Other than baskets, you can also utilize bins and boxes. These are great at keeping all the stuff you don’t know what to do with tucked away. Label the boxes according to category (like stationeries, toys, winter decor, or whatever) and throw each item in their corresponding box. They can be stacked neatly upon each other or tucked away in shelves or closets.

3. Drawer inserts for office supplies

Drawers may seem orderly from the outside, but when you check inside, it’s a mess. Inserts and drawer organizers can help keep your drawers neat and clean with items stashed in compartments that prevent them from rolling around every time the drawer is drawn in and out.

4. Ladders as shelves

Ladders make for great decorative storage solutions. Some types of ladders are upcycled as shelves, while others are used to hang towels in bathrooms. It all boils down to preference and need.

5. Trays for tables and countertops

If you have a few unused coffee trays lying around, you can use them to organize clutter on desks, tables, and countertops. You can place coffee table books, scented candles, a vase, or a centerpiece on it to keep your table neat and attractive.

6. Cake stand for condiments

Instead of putting away your cake stand in your kitchen cabinet or cupboard, take it out and put it on the kitchen counter or dining table as a condiment stand.

7. Bring order to your entryway

If you’re the type of person who just drops your bag and other stuff on a chair or the floor, perhaps a coat or hat rack or a hall tree can help keep your entrance clean and clutter-free.

8. Egg carton DIY organizer

Get your room and desk organized DIY-style. This egg carton desk organizer is easy to make. You can come up with any design you want, or you can change it every week as long as you have the materials available at home. It’s a great way of recycling cartons and putting them to good use.

9. Utilize mason jars

Perhaps you have some unused Mason jars at home; instead of leaving them inside your kitchen cabinet collecting dust, take them out and use them to store small trinkets. Their rustic look also adds to the room’s aesthetic appeal.

10. Crates for books and magazines

Grab a few wooden crates and clean them up, and you already have extra storage bins that you can use to organize and keep old books and magazines. You can personalize and decorate it however you like.

11. Bookshelves out of rain gutters

Don’t throw out your old and worn-out rain gutters. You can still upcycle them and make them useful inside your home as a storage solution. With a little cleaning and a new paint job, you can mount it on your wall as a unique bookshelf.

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12. Upcycled rolling crates for toys

Take a wooden crate and modify it with four wheels and a piece of string, and you have a portable toy crate that can go wherever your little one goes. You can leave the body of the crate as it is, or you can cover the holes so that smaller toys don’t’ fall off.

We all have clutter at home. It’s just a matter of managing it. Some are better at it than others, but with a little creativity and resourcefulness, even those who are naturally cluttered and messy at home can achieve a sense of order at home with the tips we’ve listed above.

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