A Guide on Designing a House for Millennials

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You might be deciding on a home design to execute or in the process of reconstructing a house for sale. Designs should be universal for everyone to relate. However, you might want to lean your creative direction towards the younger generations—specifically, millennials.

Millennials are buying more homes than ever before. They even led the number of homeownership last year among other generations. If ever you’re designing a house that matches a particular taste, consider making it more appealing to the millennials.

You just have to remember that you need to work on elements in a house design. Millennials have design tastes inspired by contemporary media and internet culture. You need to focus on recreating that vision. That’s one way to attract millennials to appreciate the house design.

If you’re wondering how to execute these essential design elements, here’s a list of millennials’ factors when it comes to home design:

Stunning Curbside Appeal

You can’t automatically be transported inside the house. You’d have to pass through the front doors first. In this case, the first thing you’ll see is the house’s exterior. If a millennial house hunter sees a stunning landscape and lawn, they’re never going to let go of that house.

An eye-catching home exterior can influence a millennial’s attraction to a house. The lush lawn grasses paired with irresistible landscape design can turn heads. And, of course, the house’s construction will always matter. Today’s trending designs gear more on industrialist ideologies.

Modern Interior

Design modernity is enjoying its peak in today’s era. Designs inspired by modern art movements are very prevalent in social media. That’s also what most millennials grew up with, which explains this generation’s fondness of contemporary designs. Even millennials who don’t have formal studies about architecture can relate to this trend. That’s why modern interiors appeal to them the most.

Constructing a modern-inspired house will require you to focus on specific sections. That’s if you’re designing the home for a millennial’s taste. The kitchen is one of the most popular sections on social media. You can make a modern one by using unconventional materials.

Say laminates instead of marbles for countertops. Go against the grain by constructing an indoor patio. Use sets of furniture made from pressure-treated wood. Level up the entertainment room by including features that cater to gamers. These are just a few improvements you can make to an interior design that millennials love.

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Trendy Color Scheme

Like what was previously mentioned, millennials grew up with social media. This is where they look for style inspirations and design influences. Besides this, they also want to share everything visually pleasing that they see. One way to attract millennials through design is by using trendy color schemes. You can execute this idea by starting with the walls. Paint them with colors that follow a theme.

If the house’s design is heavily influenced by minimalism, choose neutral colors. Coloring the walls plainly can exude simplicity which perfectly embodies minimalism. You can also do the exact opposite if the house’s whole design gives off an upbeat feel. Use vibrant colors for wall paints. Make it feel festive and uplifting.

The most important thing you have to remember is matching the colors to whatever vibe you want the house to radiate. This can make millennials think that the house’s design is worth sharing on social media platforms.

Prioritizes Wellness

THe COVID-19 struck everyone. From regular people to big celebrities, everyone was affected. This has prompted people to self-quarantine. Businesses and companies adopted a work-from-home setup for their employees. The whole chaos made people learn more about the importance of wellness and not take it for granted.

COVID-19 and health even became deciding factors by millennials in home buying. In fact, prioritizing wellness is one thing millennials look for when they have plans of owning a house. So if you’re going to execute a design, make sure it’s suitable for millennials’ lifestyles.

With new variants emerging, businesses won’t abolish a hybrid work setup any time soon. Make sure that there are spaces for exercising and working. Dedicate a space where millennials can use workouts. Serene landscapes can also help for mindfulness and meditation. Create spaces that can encourage millennials to maintain their healthy lifestyle.

Built for Technology

There’s an inescapable truth that people have to deal with. Gadgets are here to stay, and they’re getting smarter every day. Mobile technology has contributed to the rise of smart homes. Millennials are so into it cause it brings convenience to many. If you’re constructing designs for a millennial’s house, make sure it’s ready for this technology.

Make the house’s design built for easy installations of smart devices and appliances. Smart home technology makes more tasks easier to do. Millennials won’t be able to resist if the house is smart home-ready.


Designing for millennials requires a lot of research about modernity and trends. If you can integrate these ideas into your designs, millennials will surely love it.

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