DIY Home Projects Perfect for the Season and Quarantine

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Fall has arrived. What is a better way to prepare for the coming of winter than to do some garden work? With a few months left, a garden reconstruction project may be the best thing to do in as much as people still need to remain in self-isolation due to COVID-19. Here are a few garden project ideas to consider doing this season, especially for those who are looking for really productive things to do:

Hydroponic Green House

One of the best and most practical projects to embark on is to have your own hydroponic greenhouse. A hydroponic greenhouse is where you can store various types of plants that are grown without soil but have water-submerged roots that feed on a nutrient solution. The greenhouse will enable the plants to absorb and retain moisture and grow and process the natural sunlight for photosynthesis while protecting them from strong wind, rain, and other harsh elements.

The first step is to source the materials from a local plant store or hydroponic garden supplier. Also, you can check out online videos on how to construct a basic greenhouse using a variety of materials depending on your style, projected size, and length of use. For example, the traditional greenhouse will make use of wood. However, it may be prone to rotting eventually, as humidity and the damp conditions inside the greenhouse affects the building materials over time.

Some make use of PVC pipes as frames since these are relatively cheap, lightweight, and easy to install. For a more sturdy greenhouse, you might want to use aluminum framing that is also appropriate if you will use polycarbonate panels for the glass walls of the greenhouse.

Also, make sure to hire a licensed electrician who can install good lighting inside the greenhouse in case you want to work on your plants in the evening. You can also ask to have a garden light set-up so you can decorate the rest of the outdoors for parties and family gatherings.

Compost Bin

compost bin

To make a simple compost bin in your garden, you will need an 18-gallon plastic container that has a cover or lid, a drill to bore a column of holes that are about an inch or two apart to serve as ventilation, and wire mesh if it is available. To start, drill the evenly spaced holes in the plastic container from top to bottom and all the sides included. The wire mesh can be used in the interior if you feel that the holes are too big. Then choose a spot in the garden to put the compost bin. It is better if it is within easy reach from your kitchen door since you can also put food and ingredient scraps into the container. Just make sure to chop the kitchen scrap into smaller pieces so that they would decompose more quickly.

Since it is fall season, rake all the leaves and plant cutting in the garden and put them inside the compost bin, as well. What is left to do is to wait for about three months for all those materials to decompose fully. After that period, you can use a compost sifter to make the materials blend well. Afterward, you can now use them to fertilize the soil and make your garden plants grow healthy.

Bird Home in Your Garden

If you are an animal lover, the next suggested project will be just right for you. Building a bird habitat or mini-sanctuary right inside your garden will be truly inspiring. Imagine waking up to the sound of birds chirping near your window. Or you can see all of them gently descend to your backyard after a day of the flight.

To create your own aviary, first plant a lot of perennial plants since these have seeds that birds love to partake of. Purchase an affordable bird feeder from your community pet supply store and few boxes of birdseed as extra food. Bird experts recommend the hopper style of feeders that allow these flying friends to gather without them colliding accidentally on windows. If you have the budget for it, buy bird nesting boxes that can provide them heat during fall and the coming winter.

Holiday Gazebo

Top off your garden project by building a simple gazebo. If you have excellent carpentry skills, doing it on your own is worth the time. But you also have the option of buying kits for as low-priced as $1,500 or the higher-end, which could set you back by $7,000. You may decide on a simpler model to save money and decorate the gazebo just in time for winter. Visualize a winter-themed gazebo that would serve as a perfect spot for the family holiday card photo you will send to kin and friends.

These four doable projects will undoubtedly take a bit of effort, but the fun and excitement of building something with one’s hands will be worth the investment in time and resources. Make your garden a happy refuge even as the entire world awaits a safe, effective vaccine for COVID-19. Staying at home and having the time and strength to work in one’s own garden is such a great way to live during the quarantine.

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