Eco-friendly Home Renovation: A Complete Guide

Eco-friendly Home Renovation

As we all know, after a while, homes demand a little more change and some updates. We need to remodel our homes to make them more refreshing by eradicating the dullness and old vibes. Renovation always tilts you to convert your home into a dream fairyland by adding a bit of essence from nature. When it comes to renovating your home, the best way to do it is by going eco-friendly.

An eco-friendly home renovation enhances a healthy environment and your family’s quality of life. Without building a home from scratch, renovation brings to reuse materials in your home which are already kept in place.

According to research, buildings make up approximately 40 percent of the energy and materials used in the world. That’s why renovating a home by going green will bring a positive and aesthetic impact on the planet.

If you are all set to jump on the eco-friendly home renovation, here is a complete guide to help you make your own dream house.

Eco-friendly Flooring

If you have already set your heart to install traditional floors, hardwood flooring is one of the best options. It can come to your mind that it is not considered eco-friendly due to deforestation; still, it is way better than other flooring materials.

There are two types of hardwood such as reclaimed wood and salvaged wood. Reclaimed wood reuses existing wood from trees that were chopped a long time ago. Salvaged wood flooring looks good in an older home or beach cottage.

Let the Sunlight In

The report states that approximately one-third of a home’s heat and air conditioning goes away from windows. So try to refrain from buying the cheapest windows as much as possible. Airflow will not stop by cheap windows, but it will increase the electricity bill.

For this reason, use eco-friendly windows to make sure that heat and AC stay inside. Larger windows and skylights allow more natural light, which will help you reduce electric light usage. By installing new windows, you can save money on the electricity bill.

Paint Your Home in a Green Way

While renovating your home, one of the best ideas is to paint your home, adding an instant charm to your home. Applying a coat of paint will help you to make your home much more refreshing.

When the whole renovating process is going eco-friendly, then you should use eco-friendly paint in your home. Eco-friendly paint is a bit expensive, but it is much safer and healthier than regular paint.

It does not contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). It can also help to improve indoor air quality. Thus, while choosing paint, make sure that you are picking low-VOC or VOC-free paint.

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Fix Your Roof Properly

Sometimes we neglect the roof of our home, which is the main home element. The roof of a house affects the appeal and comfort of a home.

While eradicating this roof problem, you can rent sturdy scaffolding to ensure your safety and decrease expenses. Fixing your roof properly will affect your energy efficiency. You can reduce solar heat gain and loss by eliminating holes, air leaks and investing in high-quality shingles.

Deconstruction Is Far Better Than Demolishing

If you want to tear down the walls, then first see what you can reuse before that. There are various materials you can salvage and reuse. By demolishing things, you can only afford a tremendous amount of money.

But if you can deconstruct it or replace it, it will decrease your cost and give you a new look.

For example, you want to replace your old clothing wardrobe, and you want a bookshelf there. Without breaking that old clothing wardrobe, you can make your bookshelf by adding small changes to it.

Solar Energy Is a Viable Option

Installing solar energy is a bit more expensive, with the highest return on investment. Solar panels are the most popular solution to save money and reduce power consumption, so they are becoming more affordable day by day.

Visit Local and Antique Shops

Antique and local shops are the best option to shop locally handmade materials. These items help to add charm and warmth. Shopping from local shops allows you to save on shipping charges, and local handmade products will also save resources and materials. These products are also recyclable.

In the end, renovating your home in an eco-friendly way has several benefits; it helps the environment while allowing you to save on your electric bill and home maintenance. With the expanding access to green technology, building an energy-efficient home has never been easier.

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