Fight the Clutter: Storage Ideas for Condos


For single people and those who do not want to manage their spaces effectively, condo living is the best idea. This is because condominium spaces are easy to look after. You will be compelled not to buy items and appliances that will not fit in your home. However, one challenge also lies in the space’s small size.

There will be times when your space constantly looks messy and cluttered. When you’re regularly cleaning your condo, but it still looks and feels slovenly, the problem might be the storage. If you want to deal with this head-on, there are some major adjustments that you need to make.

Check out the following pointers:

Invest in multi-purpose furniture

Given that your space is limited, you need to be smart with what you put inside your space, especially when it comes to furniture. Getting pieces that have multiple functions will always be a great idea. For one, get a long dining bench with storage space underneath the seat; this is where you can keep your slippers and cleaning materials. The coffee table’s extra storage space below can hold your magazines and DVDs. The space underneath your bed can also be used to store your shoes.

Maximize the walls

You will find it hard to maximize the floor space, but you have sides and corners that can accommodate extra shelving. Do you have concrete wall shelves? Floating and overhead shelves don’t need to stand on the floor, so you will have more space to move around. You can keep your books and rare action figures there. You can also rethink your TV placement; instead of getting a shelf or table where it can stand, you can choose to attach it to the wall. This should be easy, as there are many types of brackets to choose from. If you’re not sure about the installation, seek the services of a professional.

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Change your cabinets

Some of your shelves and cabinets can have doors that open outwards. And just opening them already takes up space. You can ditch your old storage for a cabinet that has sliding doors. Better yet, ditch your cabinet and go for a stand where you can hang your clothes and coats. A covered basket will also make a good option, as you can easily slide it under the bed or chair.

Do something with the laundry area

Your laundry area’s overhead space can also be utilized to keep your cleaning items, cookware, or towels. When it comes to this, make sure that it has a cover so that the space does not look awkward and unsightly.

Take one step a time

In the end, organizing your condo is surely challenging, especially if you have realized that you have many things to let go of. But who says that you will need to do everything at once. Chill! Take one step at a time. For instance, you can sort your cabinet this week and move on to install new shelves next week.

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