Five Pandemic Home Upgrades You Must Consider

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Even as the ongoing COVID-19’s effects on peoples’ finances are pretty much felt to this day, this doesn’t hinder numerous homeowners across the US from doing renovations and similar home improvement projects. In fact, a study revealed that around 76 percent of respondents said that they did at least one home improvement while the pandemic is wreaking havoc on businesses and economies. The survey involved 1,083 legal-age respondents from all over the country during the survey period of July 7 to 9, 2020.

Another survey found out that lockdown restrictions and boredom, as well as low loan interest rates and availability of government stimulus checks, are among the factors that drive homeowners to take on home improvements amid the pandemic. Whether for better or worse, there’s no denying that the home renovation industry is having its heyday right now.

If you’re planning on doing a home upgrade of your own but are quite unsure about which parts of your home to improve s, maybe a shortlist of possible upgrades can do the trick. With that, here are five home improvement ideas that you should consider:

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  1. Eco-friendly amenities. If you’re keen on making your home more earth-friendly, then embarking on a project that would add eco-friendly amenities should be a top priority. These could include solar panels, rain harvesting facility, compost heap, and water heating system run by solar energy. You can also invest in excellent-quality LED lights for both indoor and outdoor use, as well as a top-notch thermostat to help regulate indoor temperatures to drive down your monthly power consumption.
  2. Personalized window covers. If you aim to level up your home’s aesthetics, atmosphere, and security without spending too much, then having personalized window covers is an idea worth considering. Fortunately, you can simply tap a skilled custom window cover manufacturer to craft your desired window covers based on your exact specifications. You can give the contractor absolute free reign on how to make the window covers or you can actively collaborate on the material, style, and other aspects of the project. This will help you get window covers that are beautiful, functional, and sturdy as well.
  3. Home office. If you’re one of the millions of American’s who were forced to adapt to the remote work lifestyle, then a proper home office should be a logical project to take up soon. Among the possible upgrades to have are a fast and reliable internet connection, a sound-proof room (important if you frequently have online meetings), an ergonomic office chair and table, and other amenities that would make your at-home work convenient, productive, and comfortable.
  4. Outdoor features. Your outdoor space should be as functional and inviting as your indoors, which is why you should consider sprucing it up with some awesome outdoor features. You can have a deck, mini patio, koi pond, flower garden, sitting walls, pathways, outdoor fire pit, or gazebo. You can also invest in outdoor lighting to make your yard stunning at night and make movement safe for everyone. You can go grand or just keep things nice and simple — it’s all up to your budget and taste to determine which of these outdoor features to have.
  5. Kitchen or bathroom upgrade. If you think that your bathroom or kitchen deserves a new lease of life, then by all means do the necessary improvements to them. For your bathroom, consider adding heated flooring, a large tub, and some custom cabinetry to store your hygiene and vanity essentials. If you want to add form and function to your kitchen, then add some modern kitchen appliances or remodel the place altogether to get your desired look and practical benefits.

With these five suggestions, you should expect a home that is hugely improved in terms of comfort, aesthetics, and functionality.

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