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In the YouTube video “The Most Common Reason Why A Gas Furnace Won’t Turn On,” Scott from Everyday Home Repairs shares valuable insights into troubleshooting a common furnace issue characterized by rapid cycling without heat production. Emphasizing the significance of comprehending furnace operation for cost-effective solutions, Scott delves into a prevalent problem – a malfunctioning flame detection sensor unable to identify a flame, hindering the furnace from progressing through the startup sequence.

The proposed remedy involves a straightforward cleaning process. By disconnecting the flame detection sensor from the spade terminal and using steel wool or a dollar bill, viewers can effectively remove carbon deposits, restoring the sensor’s ability to detect flames. Scott recounts his successful experiences in resolving this issue without the need for replacement parts, underscoring the practicality of the solution.

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Furthermore, Scott advises viewers to keep spare flame detection sensors as a precautionary measure, ensuring readiness for potential failure modes. The video concludes with a pertinent reminder regarding proper insulation at doors to mitigate heat loss, enhancing overall furnace efficiency. Scott’s systematic troubleshooting approach equips viewers with actionable steps, empowering them to address and resolve this widespread furnace malfunction adeptly. This helps you to make furnace repairs on your own, without needing to call in a professional to help.

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