Garage Door Repair vs Replacement

Rep Lacing a garage door should be handled by local garage door repair personnel unless you have solid handyperson credentials. The manufacturers of replacement doors provide detailed instructions for every part needed to complete the installation. However, removing the old and installing the new spring can be dangerous if not handled correctly.

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You will also need at least one helper to assist with the disassembly and assembly.
The first major activity is to remove the old door. As noted, relieving the tension on the existing spring is the only potential danger. Otherwise, the process begins with disassembling and removing the door panels from top to bottom. All existing tracks and brackets are removed and stored out of the way. If the wood jams are rotted or in disrepair, they should be replaced before installing the replacement door.
The door panels are installed from the bottom up. The installers must confirm the panels are level and all elements are square throughout the process, or the door will not align and roll up properly. The assembly involves adding each door panel and various hinges, rollers, and brackets until the door is ready to be inserted into the rails. Besides adding tension to the new spring, several other steps occur to ensure the rails are square and adequately secured before the installation is complete.

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