Got Your First Pet Dog? Here’s How to Prep Your Home

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Welcoming your first dog to your home can be exciting. You will now have someone to spoil, and your dog can be your constant companion. You know you will love your pup with all your heart. However, you need to remember that dogs can act like little toddlers, too! They can be rowdy and mischievous. And with this behavior, they can end up hurting themselves. Also, you do not want to see your carpet or shoes all chewed up, do you?

In case you are doing a house remodeling project, you might want to incorporate some adjustments that will make your home pet-friendly. So other than bathroom renovation ideas, here are some things that will make your home accommodating for your new furry family member:

Set up pet-proofing measures

Making your home pet-friendly depends on how much you’re going to pet-proof it. It would help if you made it safe for them and you. Always remember that pets are naturally curious, and they will always have an urge to check some random things. Thus, hide your electrical cords to prevent them from getting entangled. This will also keep your pups from chewing them, especially when they are at their teething phase. All your porcelain and fine china should be kept in higher places. And make sure that your trash cans are always tightly closed.

Give your pet personal space

Just like the other members of your family, your dog should also have its own space. This will help them feel comfortable and make the adjustment period much easier. With this, you can buy a crate or a pet bed. This should be set up even before your new pet arrives at home. Dogs can learn that these are their resting areas when you train them properly. If you are having a hard time training your dog, consider hiring a professional.

Buy them lots of toys

If you adopt a puppy, it is vital that it also goes through a teething phase. And at this phase, it will tend to chew on things, such as your shoes, the carpet, and anything lying around in your home. To counter this behavior, train them to chew on their chew toys. These could be stuffed toys designed for dogs, a ball of yarn, or the likes. But make sure that these toys do not have choking hazards.

Secure your home areas

As mentioned, dogs are curious, and it will always check out different things. When you are in the bathroom or anywhere in the house, it will follow you because it wants to know what you are doing. Because dogs have this behavior, make sure that your windows and doors close properly to keep your dog from bolting out and getting lost. Your yard should also have a high fence to keep your pup from jumping onto the other side.

Give them some lovin’

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You love your new dog, so you must make sure that your home is welcoming. There might be some preparations involved, but remember that all these are a sign of your care for your new family member.

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