Pest Issue? Mistakes You Might Make When Improving Your Home

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Homeowners all want a beautiful and convenient home. We often invest in projects that turn our humble abodes into a more comfortable and attractive living space. Some would focus on increasing their home value. But when it comes to home improvements, many forget to include pest prevention and removal. To avoid this, make sure you don’t commit the following home improvement mistakes.

Waiting Too Long Before Scheduling General Cleaning

Not every homeowner can afford to do general cleaning each week. Some would commit to once every month, while others would only do this before every season changes. If you want pests out of your home, make sure to complete a day of cleaning at least once a week.

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This way, you will have time to inspect your home for any signs of pest infestation. The more often you get to do general cleaning, the more frequently you can see if pests are already making a house out of your home. Use this opportunity to identify problems that could contribute to future pest issues.

The same goes when planning any home improvement or renovation project. You want to make sure that you clean and clear the space first to make way for the improvement. Ensure that you practice adequate cleaning during and after the project to reduce the risk of pests entering and seeking refuge in your home.

Forgetting to Seal Your Doors and Windows

Bugs and flexible pests like rats can slip even in the tiniest holes and entryways. This means they can come inside your home along the sides of your windows and under the cracks of your doors. The same goes for the wires that run through the inside and outside of your walls.

When improving your home, make sure you include sealing gaps into your to-do list. If you are fond of opening doors and windows to let air circulate throughout the day, it helps if you invest in anti-insect door/window screens. This way, you won’t worry about pests coming inside the house.

Before you even try to seal your doors and windows, make sure these are not broken in any way. For best results, call the pros to repair your garage door, front door, and back door. This way, you won’t have to worry about repairing your major entryways when you start weatherstripping.

When weatherstripping stripping doors and options, know your options. If you are looking for an easy DIY solution, you can consider pressure-sensitive adhesive-backed foam. But if you are after a long-lasting one, you can ask the help of the pros for metal-based weatherstripping.

Ignoring Yard Maintenance

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Many homeowners want a beautiful yard installed only to fail in maintaining them. You may think that your home’s aesthetics are the only things that will be after if you fail to maintain your yard. In reality, this can also foster a bug problem.

Mosquitoes, for instance, would thrive in areas where water stays stagnant. These disease-carrying vectors can make your family uncomfortable and sick at the same time. You don’t want your family needing hospitalization just because you failed to maintain your yard.

The same goes for maintaining your drainage systems. Keep gutters clean and free of any debris to avoid clogging. Keep your pool filtered and chlorinated, and change the water in your water baths or fountains at least twice a week.

Don’t forget about trimming back foliage. Trees or branches touching your roof can invite critters and wood-destroying insects into your home. Trim back foliage and make sure these are several inches away from your home.

Forgetting About Your Roof

Not all homeowners would care about their roofs. As long as they are not experiencing flooding or water damage, they might skip roof repair and maintenance and go straight to other structural improvements. But the last thing you want is to nurture roof damage that can lead to an even bigger pest problem and a more expensive cost.

Covering large holes and openings in your roof should always be a priority. Using a pre-fabricated chimney can help keep pests out. As much as possible, go for vents that have pre-installed dampers.

You can even use deterrents to scare pests. For instance, red fox urine can keep squirrels away. If birds are your usual problem, a plastic owl can do the trick.

These are home improvement mistakes you want to stop doing if you want pests out of your house. Keep your home clean, and make sure to maintain your doors, windows, yard, and roof. Don’t simply focus on the aesthetics since the best way to improve your home is by also keeping it pest-free.

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