Home Upgrades You Can Avail for $500 or Less

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Your home does not necessarily have to be in complete and utter disarray for you to want to change things up a little. An excellent upgrade can significantly change the entire feel of the space for better, especially if the home has seen its fair share of years. Of course, homeowners may not always have buckets of cash to spare or simply don’t want to spend too much on a mostly aesthetic improvement. Thankfully, there are some great projects you can undertake that shouldn’t cost more than $500 to accomplish. With the right home improvement contractor, you won’t have to sacrifice style for savings.

Re-tile your floors

Of course, doing your whole house may be costly, so it’s best to pick a room that sees a lot of foot traffic and figure out how you can use design elements for the flooring to pop in a new and fresh way. You are not limited to the kitchen or bathroom, either, and it boils down to the look you’re going for. Practically speaking, this can help you make the flooring more durable and less worn. The final price point will also depend on the type of tiling you opt for, whether it’s a sleek stone finish or some elegant terrazzo.

Repaint all your walls

Color psychology shows much evidence pointing to how the colors that make up your home can significantly impact everyone’s mental well-being and general mood. That is a great way to give your home a new breath of life and change up the general aesthetic of the space, even dictating the flow of vision. If your walls are faded or even starting to show the marks of different activities from kids and pets running around, you can start with a fresh coat of paint.

Put up some shelving

You can pretty much install some solid shelving into your walls or as a standalone to add some dimensions and texture to your room. You can also strategically use this to create negative functional space and then some pockets with points of interest. It’s also an excellent way to create more storage space that isn’t a sore eye and nicely makes use of the vertical space you have. While you can always buy a bookshelf or build one, you can add significant value to your home by installing one into your walls at suitable spots.

Switch up some window treatments

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Windows can have a great effect on the interior and exterior appeal of your home. Just by incorporating some new window treatments, you can already elevate your windows and inform the whole theme of the space. There are several ways to go about it, too, so you don’t have to be relegated to a specific look that might change the entire theme you’re going for. From Venetian blinds to hard treatments like shutters, you can be free with this one and easily stick to an under $500 budget.

With just any of these, you can see a pretty significant change in your home that makes it homier and more functional without having to above and beyond in spending.

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