How a CCTV Sewer Inspection Works

Homeowners and business operators who want their sewer lines inspected often look for an eco-friendly way to do the inspection. In their YouTube video, “How CCTV Sewer Inspection Works,” Utilities Kingston shows us how their CCTV (closed-circuit TV) inspections work. For these inspections, a closed-circuit camera is inserted into a sewer pipe.

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An experienced plumbing inspector will analyze what the camera sees and report to the system’s owner.

Benefits of CCTV Sewer Inspection

Sewer owners have many reasons for preferring CCTV inspection. The camera detects the condition of the pipes and can see cracks or organic buildup in the pipes. If the camera does detect any issues, being able to pinpoint their location can allow the plumber to decide if it can repair the sewer pipe. A CCTV inspection is sometimes also used to prevent cross-bores (another utility line intersecting with yours.)

If a homeowner uses this type of inspection, the camera can be inserted through the maintenance hole. This is a much more attractive option than traditional sewer inspection, which requires the disruption of your lawn. If the inspection detects a buildup in the pipe, the inspection service can suggest using non-caustic methods to dispel the clog. The plumber associated with the inspection will be able to advise you on how to solve any problems.


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