How To Make Windows Streak Free When Cleaning

Achieving streak-free windows requires a departure from traditional methods, such as using blue liquid solutions, as they tend to move dirt around without providing a thorough cleaning. The secret to impeccable results lies in a simple solution – a mixture of water and dish soap. This cost-effective alternative creates a slick surface that suspends dirt, thanks to the soap’s surfactant properties.

The essential tools for streak-free windows are a scrubber and squeegee. The microfiber sleeve on the scrubber efficiently agitates dirt when combined with the soapy water solution.

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The squeegee, equipped with a rubber blade set at a 45-degree angle, becomes instrumental in removing both the solution and loosened dirt.

Demonstrating both horizontal and vertical squeegee techniques, the process emphasizes the importance of entirely removing dirt and solution from the glass. This professional approach ensures a streak-free and crystal-clear finish that surpasses conventional methods.

For residential window cleaners aiming for optimal results, the recommendation is to adopt these techniques and use the right tools. By incorporating a mixture of water and dish soap and employing professional-grade scrubbers and squeegees, anyone can master the art of streak-free window cleaning at home.


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