How to Rearrange Your Home and Make It More Inviting

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Your home is where you find peace and comfort. You want it to look as tidy and pleasing as possible. If your house is continuously messy due to the useless furniture and stuff around that it drives you off the wall, here are some ways to declutter like a pro:

1. Cover up

Every home will always have areas that are not pleasing to the sight, and sometimes hiding them becomes rocket science. One thing most homeowners would probably want to keep out of sight is the heating system. Consists of pipes and wires, it distracts the decorative scheme of your house. So what can you do?

You can cover it with a curtain. Choose an extra long shower curtain to ensure a floor to ceiling coverage. You can also enclose it in drywall. In this process, you need to plan and create your storage, depending on the size of your heater. Frame the enclosure first, nail the drywall to hold it in place, then install the door.

Building a cabinet around the heating system is another excellent option. Just give the cabinet enough space for easy access, mainly if the furnace needs repair.

2. Combine shapes

We mix up shapes to attain balance and harmony in a room. A room that consists mostly of straight lines will appear disproportional. The classic pieces, such as beds, sofas, and cabinets, have the same shape: square and rectangle.

To break up this endless appearance of straight lines and achieve proportion, incorporate round objects such as a coffee table, chair, or lamp. For instance, hanging a round mirror above a sink with square edges creates more symmetry.

3. Choose a hero-piece

In interior design, a hero-piece is the furniture that stands out among the rest. In other words, it’s the piece that creates a dramatic impression. It could be just a vintage shelf, an orient mirror, or a chandelier. If yours is a bold color, you can achieve a cohesive look by displaying an object with the same color elsewhere.

4. Hang the right way

Paintings and portraits add a unique facet to a room. So hanging them the wrong way creates a lousy effect in the decor scheme. The rule of thumb is to hang the portrait 145 cm from the floor. That puts the center of the artwork above eye level. Then you can make the arrangement more appealing by spreading a couple of smaller paintings around larger pieces. Just put together the colors that complement each other.

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5. Assorted heights

There is something more appealing and attractive in a bigger room than narrow spaces. Hanging a full-length mirror in small rooms can quickly create an illusion of a bigger space, though.

But do you know that mixing furniture with a variety of heights can also help you achieve that same effect? For instance, low-profile furniture such as chairs and tables go very well with a low ceiling. And by incorporating tall and slim objects, you can boost the view of the room. In case you prefer less furniture, painting the ceiling, skirt board, and floor with the same color will give the same result.

6. Pull the room together

To anchor your room, you need an item that will serve as a starting point. And a rug is the most common recommendation. Put it under the center table or sofa set, and you can easily tie the living room together.

In the bedroom, lay a rug over a wall-to-wall carpet and add signature pillows of different colors and sizes on the bed, and it will create a more textured and warmer feel.

7. Declutter or replace

If there’s furniture that annoys you, most interior designers’ advice is to get rid of or replace it. Your home reflects your personality. It’s essential to choose furniture that has meaning or significance to you. Otherwise, it will be a mere object occupying a space in your house, and you are more likely to discard it later.

View the room as a whole

Are you unsure of the kind of arrangement you want for your room? Take a step back. Looking at the place from a distance gives you a different perspective, allowing you to develop unique and brilliant interior design ideas.

Rearranging your home gives you a chance to evaluate the furniture that is of use to you, as well as the interior design, giving you a sense of relief and satisfaction. Does the furniture in your room annoy you? Maybe it’s the right time to rearrange them.

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