Looking Good: Lawn Upgrades That Are Worth The Expense

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A green lawn around your home can be very relaxing to look at. But it does seem a bit bare. For those who have a lot of green space around their house, seriously consider working with landscapers and adding a few improvements. This can be something as simple as a few flower beds or something more impressive. Here are a few ideas of what should work.

Have A Party With A Fire Pit and Grill

A great addition to any home is a small fire pit. Building around it, you can have a variety of choices. You can make it the central piece of a nice gathering place. Put in your backyard and set seats around it; it would be the perfect place to hold a party during a summer night. A grill nearby can provide you with the food you need, or you can roast some apples or marshmallows in the fire. It makes clean-ups for backyard parties a lot easier since the ashes are all conveniently kept in one place. The great thing about this pit is that you can build it yourself, with the instructions requiring nothing complex.

Relax Around A Small Waterfall Or Rain Garden

It would be best if you considered adding a water feature in your yard. While a small pond is too much, a simple water garden or waterfall can be a great addition to relax around. Rain gardens are nice because they help with drainage issues. During the wetter parts of the year, you can be sure that your yard won’t end up flooded. As for waterfalls, they don’t have to be big. The sound of falling water can be reassuring despite the small size of the water feature. The water is recycled, too, allowing you to save on the water when necessary.

Plant Some Trees To Give Shade

For those who want something impressive, useful, and natural to your yard, then planting trees is a great idea. This doesn’t mean you have to start with a seed. Several lawn services can provide you with trees of varying sizes. Work with the landscaper to decide what sort of tree is best for your location and your soil. Note that the expense can go up the older the tree you want to be planted. While there is an upper limit, there are still pretty healthy trees and may need some extra care.

Beautify Things With The Right Flowers


A simpler addition would be to plant a field of flowers. Even some planters filled with nice flowers can go a long way. They are also pretty simple to set up. Building a planter box should be simple enough without any hand-holding. You then have to fill it up with nice soil mixed with compost so that it is full of nutrients. It would be best if you also were careful of what flowers you add since they might not be good choices to keep.

Allow For Playtime With Your Playground

If you have children, you may want to encourage them to play outside. But that can be difficult when there’s nothing to attract them out there. You can change this by installing a playground. It sounds like a major project, but you can start small and work up from there. Begin with a sandbox so that children can have a bit of fun playing in the sand. The next steps should be swings. They are simple to set-up and require minimal maintenance. Other additions could be see-saws and monkey bars. Progressing from that, you can decide on more complicated upgrades. But even the most basic playground can amuse your child a lot.

Add Some Pretty Lights

At night, your yard can be a pretty dark place. It is perfect for sneaking around, and you might not like that. The simple way to change it is to install some good lighting options. Start with simple electrical lights on the path. You don’t even have to wire them. Choose the ones that use solar batteries so that your lights will be active no matter the condition of the grid. Other light sources should be placed around the door and even the backyard so that you have complete coverage. Fairy lights are great if you want soft lighting.

Yard improvements can get expensive, but they are very visible upgrades. They will impress your neighbors and passersby. They can also have long-term effects and purposes. Think about what you want to do around the house and choose the ones that meet your needs best.

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