How Modern Construction Techniques Are Shaping Your Business


Julius Caesar built a bridge across the Rhine in what is now modern Germany in 53 and 55 BC. When doing so, he not only expanded the Roman Empire but also allowed Roman business people to carry their business to countries conquered by Rome.

In building his bridge, Julius Caesar developed a technique that would allow men to span the distance between two areas separated by wide bodies of water, such as the Rhine. Today, construction engineers continue to develop new construction techniques that help businesses like yours achieve continuous growth.

Modern Construction Techniques That Help Expand Businesses

What are some of these modern construction techniques that help people like you expand their business? Here are a few of them:

  • The use of concrete platforms. Buildings such as the Burj Khalifa in Dubai need to be constructed on firm ground to withstand the elements such as earthquakes. That means it should be placed on good bedrock. However, if areas such as deserts and marshes prevent conventional techniques of creating a firm foundation for the building, the ideal thing to do would be to construct a concrete platform supported by steel rods to give the building something to stand on. A similar technique was used by the ancient Aztecs when they built their city in a marsh region.
  • Fabrication of parts. There are situations such as the rising and falling of tides that prevent the continuous construction of infrastructures such as bridges like the Incheon Bridge in South Korea, which was constructed in October 2009. It spans Yeongjong Island and Incheon Island, particularly Incheon International Airport across the Yellow Sea.  To overcome such a situation, the engineers fabricated parts of the bridge and put them together during low tide. In this way, the construction of the bridge was finished on time.
  • Use of rubber bearings. To prevent buildings from collapsing during powerful earthquakes, engineers now use rubber bearings placed beneath the foundation of buildings such as the Foothill Communities Law and Justice Center in California. This would allow your building to move along with the ground during an earthquake.

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How Modern Construction Techniques Help Improve Business

How do such modern construction techniques help improve the business? Here are some ways:

  • They shorten travel time. Modern construction techniques allow engineers to create infrastructures such as bridges that allow businessmen like you to reach their destination within a short period. This saves you the trouble of getting stuck in traffic and avoid losing a business deal. Before the Incheon Bridge was constructed, people living in Songdo in Incheon had to travel a long way to travel to and from the airport. With the construction of the Incheon Bridge, their travel time was shortened.
  • They allow you to put up a business in any place. Before, nobody would put up a business in places like deserts or marshes because of the poor quality of the soil. With today’s modern construction techniques, you can put up a business anywhere, just like the Burj Khalifa, which was constructed in the middle of the desert in Dubai.
  • They protect your business from the elements. Despite its height, the Burj Khalifa cannot be toppled by strong winds blowing at great heights. That’s because of the core in the center of the building. Such kind of technology would help buildings like yours withstand elements such as earthquakes and strong winds. In being able to do so, you feel safe in managing your business.

Future Business Opportunities Offered by Modern Construction Techniques

Modern construction techniques such as those used in the construction of the Burj Khalifa and Incheon Bridge would open the door for future businesses in the coming years. Here are some of them.

  • Parts fabrication industries. The success of the Incheon Bridge would pave the way for the growth of companies that are engaged in fabricating parts not only for those used in the construction of infrastructures but also in manufacturing, such as those that use storage tanks and closed-loop buffer tanks. This would save engineers the trouble of constructing such things themselves while working on a construction project.
  • Materials development industries. The construction of the Incheon Bridge, as well as the SR-71 Blackbird, called for developing new materials. These would allow construction projects to adapt to difficult situations such as earthquakes and high temperatures. Making such materials readily available would enable construction projects to proceed smoothly and be finished on time.

Thanks to modern technologies developed by the construction industry, businesses like yours would enjoy prosperity and stability in terms of sturdier buildings and efficiency in doing business.

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