Modern Ideas for Making Your Basement Functional

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Basements in horror films are a perfect setting for all those spine-tingling scenes. In real life, these rooms are often for storage purposes only. There is a great loss of space if homeowners use their basements only for storing things that are no longer in use. With modern home improvement ideas, there are many possibilities for these spaces. Homeowners can transform their basements into something fun and functional.

But, before you proceed to design your underground room, safety must be a top concern. Basements are prone to faulty plumbing lines. You would not want to renovate this space only to get flooded when storms hit. Also, it is best to make sure that your basement has a good flow of water coming in from the pipes. Check if your basement has issues of indoor flooding or a dry out. It is best to avail of water damage repair and restoration services first.

After putting your mind at ease in this aspect, you may now have a pick of how you would transform your basement. Here are some inspirations.

A Corner for Recreation

Some homeowners find their upper ground floor only enough for the most common rooms. They crave a space where they can entertain friends or relieve themselves of stress. A basement is an excellent spot for a game room.

There are many choices of things you could incorporate in this kind of room. Some examples are pool tables or indoor basketball courts. More expensive takes may include a home bowling alley. They may seem to be big investments, but having them accessible makes these upgrades worth it. Whatever you choose to put in your game room, remember that it must be something that you enjoy.

A Space to Relax

Nowadays, there is a steady rise of streaming sites for movies such as Netflix. Some people want a space where they can enjoy watching uninterrupted. Transforming your basement to a movie room is an excellent idea.

You can have custom lights that you can dim to imitate the cinema ambiance. Equip the room with soft recliner chairs. You may opt for a wide-screen TV or a projector and screen. Complete the movie experience with a concession stand or a refreshment corner. Stash it with your favorite beverages and snacks. With these home theater ideas, movie nights with your family or friends would be a delight.

An Area for Social Drinks

Another great way to make use of your basement is to have it buzz with excitement as you enjoy some social drinks. Going to a bar with friends may be costly. Also, it might be hard to find the right ambiance that you want. Some bars can get too noisy for your convenience. Why not create your mini-bar at home? Your basement can be a perfect spot to hold those social drinking with peers.

The essentials are a bartop, an area to hold the liquor and glassware, and comfortable stools. Some add-ons may include low-hanging light fixtures, a bar sign with lights, or a dartboard. For wine collectors, a cellar is an excellent way to showcase your collections.

Your bar theme can draw inspiration from many styles. You can go for a rustic feel. Some prefer the modern and minimalistic design. Whatever you choose, your basement can now be a venue for many cheers, toasts, and celebrations.

A Room to Spin

Any homemaker would know the frustration of having dirty clothes strewn everywhere. Another frustration is when you do not have a space to put the clean clothes after getting them out of the dryer.

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A basement laundry room is a perfect solution to such predicaments. You can have a whole room for all your laundry routines. You can have hampers lined up so that you do not have to waste time sorting clothes out. Have ample space for your washing machine and dryer to stand side by side. You must also give a thought to storage spaces for your detergent and other laundry needs. A closet where you can store clothes for the meantime once you get them out of the dryers is a nice addition. With this room, washing clothes would not feel depressing and much of a chore.

A Place of Indulgence

Some homes can only have an area for an average bathroom. You can turn your basement into a spacious bathroom to indulge yourself at the end of a long and tiring day. The basics of a basement bathroom include a toilet and sink and a space for a shower or tub. Colors, materials, and layout can dictate how your bathroom would look like. With the appropriate choices, this room can be your go-to place after a stressful day.

Your basement could inspire many ideas for a private moment or a time for leisure. This room could be a place of retreat and enjoyment. Your basement can transform into a well-loved she shed or man cave. That is a far better call than it gathering cobwebs and dust.

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