Plastic Power: What Makes Plastic an Indispensable Tool at Home and even in Planet Mars?

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It’s a conundrum of sorts. Plastic has achieved a bad reputation as waste material. National Geographic itself made clear how plastic can be a global problem. And we get that. But you’d be surprised how bare the world becomes if all forms of plastic are taken out of the picture.

Let’s start with the very things you use every day. Your PC keyboard, bicycle helmets, car airbags are just a few examples of things that would disappear from the face of the Earth. Now if we’re to strictly implement that it would mean glues, sealants, and all paints would be abolished too. Now, how cool is that?

Quite simply, plastics offer humanity a most valuable tool. You may not realize it but this is apparent in your precious abode. Plastics are simply indispensable. Those Tupperware and nifty plastic containers in your kitchen attest to that. ; We’re not saying that we should just throw them around. That’s a topic for another day. What we’d like to show you is why plastic has become an essential part of our daily lives. And will be so even if people move to Mars.


There are roughly 137.9 million homes in America today. Imagine how much plastic is used in each one of these dwelling places. But the good news is plastic products are a lot cheaper to manufacture than other materials such as metal. That means it takes a much lesser amount of time and effort to manufacture a material made of plastic than metal.

What’s even more amazing, the cost of plastic manufacturing is dipping. To note, plastic injection molding has made the manufacture of just about any shape of plastic very economical. That’s why companies employing plastic injection molding are creating an unheard-of rise in demand over the years from a slew of industries. Chief among which is construction, electronics, and pharmaceutical firms.

Another advantage of plastic injection molding is a faster production rate. So more plastic products can be ready for use in short order. This gives every home in America a big boost as plastic products can be had without burning a huge hole in one’s wallet.

Superior Material

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When it comes to design, you can create a highly-complex design with plastic. This is especially true with plastic injection molding. You can mold plastic to your desire. So if you’re wanting to have wider options in texture, designs, and geometry, plastic is the way to go.

Metals corrode and in that sense are harmful to the environment. Plastic stays as-is. Moreover, you can recycle plastic. It can be melted and after it can be reused. Metal once it’s destroyed needs to be discarded.

This is nowhere more apparent than in the toy industry. It’s no accident legos are made of plastic. Plastic is light and can take every shape a business needs it to be.

On the other hand, wooden toys are heavier and are prone to rotting. When it does, it could split and thereby splinter putting your child at risk. With plastic toys, your child can have the durability he needs. It is better suited for rough play.

Then there’s the cleaning part. Plastic toys are easy to wash. All you need is a little water and it should be good to go.

Longer Life Span

Think about it. When you use metal you invite rust and corrosion. Plastic can be enhanced to have excellent durability to last as long as you need it.

Quite simply, plastic can give you resistance properties that would make other materials drool in envy. There has been a lot said about plastic being weakened by fire. The truth of the matter is wood can hardly keep up with plastic when it comes to resisting fire.

Plastic can be made fireproof. One design would not even ignite when touched by fire, thanks to mother-of-pearl mimics.

Environmental Concerns

Now, a lot has been said about plastics causing the Earth to be more polluted. But actually, it’s not a plastic problem. Rather, it’s a human problem. Plastics are just tools. Inanimate objects don’t have the power to will themselves to the ocean. It’s people who throw plastic around with wanton abandon that makes it happen.

It’s a matter of discipline. It’s true, plastics can last as long as 600 years. But that only is another proof of how durable they are. We just have to learn to such raw power. An initiative from Lego aimed to use sustainable bricks is a good start.

In the final analysis, your home is definitely a lot better with plastic. And we dare say, with its unique strength and wide uses, future inhabitants of Planet Mars would be better off using the material. It’s a safe bet.

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