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If you are looking for a theme-based interior decor for your home, your search ends here. There are various design styles that you can choose from today. You might give your personalized touches at later stages, but initially, falling back on a pre-conceived design will lend your home an organized look and feel.

There are core aspects associated with each one that differentiates the look and gives it an edge. We will highlight the same for you today. We have focused on the major ones, although you can combine them. We leave that to your creative genius.

Whether you embark on a total renovation spree or make minute changes, these aspects will help you.

1. Mid-century Modern Look

It goes back to the 1900s and is well-associated with iconic modern design elements. You will find some core principles that designers follow to create this look. They are minimalist and natural shapes. Additionally, you will find the best materials incorporated into the creative design. Moulded plastics, wood, and aluminium have gone into creating the mid-century modern look.

The best part about the mid-century modern look is that you can quickly transform it into another design style, with a few additions and deletions. This classic decor does not seem to go out of style ever. Another appealing fact about this design is its functionality. Each furniture piece and accent are carefully chosen to give value in several practical ways.

2. Industrial Look

This is another look that takes you to the industrial era. It stresses the use of exposed steel structures and wooden elements as well. Moreover, you will often find exposed brick walls amalgamated with the scene. Copper-tone fixtures and accents are also commonly used in this type of decor. You will find this decor more often in breweries and pubs that play electric and metal music.

The ultimate and all-around decor projection is towards ruggedness. There are many variations of this look that you can choose from. And, they include subtle touches of chic, lighter accents, or a darker and more punk look. Rustic coffee tables and Chesterfield sofas complete the look. Stripped timber and concrete flooring also make the entire look as raw as ever.

Call a real estate agent if you are looking for a specific look for your new home and cannot finalize a property that can be moulded into one. Most of these people have roamed the markets for a long time and will be able to tell you where you can get such property. They are your trusted aids in house hunting and can also suggest you pre-furnished varieties. Although you tend to pay a bit more, the preceding tasks of decoration that come later are easy on the pocket.

3. Scandinavian Look

The Scandinavian design is another design for your haven that has minimalist features. You will find engineered and organic materials being used in this design. The furniture pieces are non-cluttered and straightforward. Bauhaus’ principles of design and artwork govern it. The main features of this design principle are functional shapes in the form of tubular chairs and geometric shapes.

White, grey, and beige are the most common colours that reign supreme. However, brighter accent walls have also entered the present scenario. Concrete and glass also assume a lot of importance in this decor. By incorporating this theme, you can give your haven a clean and versatile look.

scandinavian cabinet

4. Boho Look

You must be more accustomed to hearing the term “Bohemian.” It is also the name given to clothing. It represents a carefree spirit with adventure as one of its core elements. You will find rich prints and patterns that reign supreme. Reds and purples are often found to be the most dominant colours. It relies on the so-called messy look.

There is a lot of layering that also lends this look a vibrancy of its own. You can incorporate layering into the haven, with pillows, cushions, upholstery, and throws in various designs, prints, and patterns. Textiles, wood, animal skin, and metals dominate this Bohemian decor.

5. Farmhouse Look

This is for large spaces that are heavy on furniture pieces. It is a cabin-inspired design. Vases and planters play a considerable role in this decor. Additionally, you can incorporate distressed wooden furniture and upholstered linen to give your space the farmhouse look. Beige and whites are the colours that rule the scene. But modern homes can also do with a few pop colours. Some people call it the French Provincial look, too. If you look closely, raw timber will seem like a possible highlight.

These are just five of the most popular interior decor styles you can bring inside your house. Choose the one that blends with your lifestyle and personality. It will simply uplift your space and mood.

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