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Most people consider their homes as their haven. It’s where they rest after a long day of work. And many feel secure from the threats of the outside world whenever they’re at home. This is especially true during a global pandemic where staying at home reduces one’s risk of illness significantly.

Given the importance of a home, it’s important to keep it healthy. A healthy home is clean, organized, and has a sound emotional environment.

The most basic way to keep a home healthy is by cleaning it regularly. Besides, a cluttered home can bring several problems. For one, too much clutter can cause stress. It will hinder you from staying focused at work or your chores. More surprisingly, a chronically cluttered home can also lead to weight gain and sleep problems.

But cleaning the home is easier said than done. You may be too busy to regularly clean your home. Thankfully, technology can help you. There are many smart devices you can add to your home to make it healthier.

Pest Repellers

Many pests thrive in summer, such as mosquitos. These bugs can transmit diseases and make you and your family sick. In extreme cases, you will have to call a reputable company for full mosquito removal and treatment of your home. To supplement that, you can get a smart pest repeller and place it in your home where bugs usually linger.

There are many types of pest repellers you can try. Some smart repellers use electronic waves to ward off pests while others use UV lights to attract pests and kill them.

Robot Vacuum

Smart robot vacuums have gained a lot of popularity recently, and rightfully so. The main reason is convenience. If you have a robot vacuum, you can keep your floors clean without lifting a finger. You just turn on your device and let it do the work.

This device will be especially helpful if you have dust allergies or have fur friends at home. The smart vacuum will get rid of the nasty dust and fur sheddings for you.

Controlling the device is also very easy. Most robot vacuum models come with compatible smartphone apps. You need to download the app appropriate for your vacuum’s model and control the device using your smartphone. You can set a timer so that the vacuum will turn off on its own after cleaning your floors.

robot vacuum

Air Purifiers and Diffusers

Air pollutants inside the home can affect your health. They can induce headaches, irritate your eyes, and make you exhausted easily. If you use cleaning sprays and disinfectants and inhale them, you will irritate your sinuses. Thus, good air quality is an important characteristic of a healthy home.

You can use a smart air purifier and a smart diffuser in your home to improve air quality. As its name suggests, the air purifier will purify the air in your home by removing allergens.

Then you can use a diffuser to diffuse your chosen essential oils into the air. The essential oils will disseminate a pleasant scent around your home. Aromatherapy has many benefits of its own. For example, lavender essential oils promote relaxation, help relieve anxiety, and promote better sleep.

Smart Fitness Equipment

Many people gained “quarantine weight” because of the pandemic. It’s a normal phenomenon. Thus, you can add smart fitness devices to your home. These devices will help in promoting a sound environment, which is one of the characteristics of a healthy home.

One recent popular smart fitness device is a smart bike. It’s equipped with a monitor where you can watch and follow workouts. You can also use it to track your progress: how many minutes you’ve been working out, how many calories you’ve burned, and so on. If you have the budget, you can also get a smart treadmill so that you can easily sneak a run into your daily schedule, no matter how busy you get.

Another smart fitness device you can get is a smartwatch. It isn’t a smart appliance specifically for your home since it’s a wearable device. Nonetheless, it can promote an active lifestyle even when you’re just at home. For instance, you can turn on the inactivity alert of your smartwatch. It will remind you to get up and stretch every few minutes, depending on your chosen time interval.

With the technology available to us today, maintaining a healthy home has become a lot easier. And taking advantage of the resources available will ensure that your home stays healthy, even with minimal effort.

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