Sprucing Up Your Home on a Shoestring Budget

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The year 2020 went by like that in a flash. If, like everyone else, you spent almost the whole year cooped inside your house, you’d already pinpointed the ways you want your home to look like in the new decade (yes, 2021 is the start of the new decade). Unfortunately, whether it is because of job layoffs or the uncertainties in this new norm, you might not have enough money for a renovation or redecoration.

People are resourceful, however. Nobody can stop them from pursuing their dreams of having their homes spruced up differently in 2021. You can redecorate in a multitude of ways and give your rooms that extra oomph with just a few dollars to spare. Forget about what you see on Pinterest. Those things can get you sidetracked. Prioritize your budget above all else. If it doesn’t fit your budget, don’t push it.

Hang Some Art

There is something elegant about hanging art in every room in the house. Yes, your kitchen and bathroom deserve one, too. You don’t need the Mona Lisa in your living room. A landscape painting works well enough and doesn’t cost much. If you want, you can even get those $7 paint-by-numbers kit, do the painting yourself, and have it framed.

Repaint Cabinets

If you don’t know how repainting the kitchen cabinets can spruce up a dull kitchen, you are in for a treat. Your kitchen will look wonderful with new paint. It’ll give it that glow that seems to be gone, no thanks to oil splatters and broken handles. The same goes for the cabinets and drawers in your bedroom. A nice glossy white paint will cover age marks and make them look new.

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Add a Rug

It’s so simple, but such a genius way to cover bad floors, too. Adding a rug more than covers an ugly floor that you do not have money to replace right now. It also adds color and cushions your feet. You can put a sectional rug in the kitchen in front of the sink, but it also works well in the bedroom and dining room. Of course, the living room is a given. You need one of those fluffy rugs to add a modern elegance to your living room.

Relocate Furniture

So, you don’t even have those couple of hundred bucks to spare now? Don’t worry; it’s not exactly shocking considering the state of the world in the past 10 months. It might be surprising for you to know that you can spruce up your home by rearranging the existing furniture. Clean them. Rearrange them in the room. Find an old shawl you can drape over the sofa, and voila, you have a new living room. Do the same for your bedroom. You might sleep better with the bed angled differently.

Go Online

Online, you’ll find plenty of options and tips. There are online flea markets that have great deals for antique furniture and trinkets. You can also befriend people and exchange an item from your house for something you want from their house. This way, you can get rid of something that’s of no use to you while gaining an item sans money. The internet is a vast place to find all sorts of things—from tips to do-it-yourself projects to swaps.

When you want to redecorate your home on a shoestring budget, you need to be innovative and resourceful. Sure, it’s nice to have an unlimited budget to redecorate your home. Who does not want that Victorian-era coffee table? If that’s not possible, should you just let up? Take it as a challenge and start planning your redesign.

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