The Art Of Hanging Artwork

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Whether you’re a real estate investor handling property management by yourself or a regular homeowner looking to spice up your house’s style and look, interior design is one of the fundamental aspects that makes a property come together. The big projects and little details mixing and matching give any ordinary home its unique beauty and aesthetic. And one of the most well-beloved pieces of decor are paintings and framed photos.

The Cornerstone of Wall Decor

Admittedly, hanging artworks and photos are the cornerstone of wall decor. It’s the easiest and most accessible way of retouching any room of the house to give it more life and attitude. However, people often haphazardly hang their artworks and painting, and it ends up doing the exact opposite and ruining a room’s aesthetic. So to address this growing issue, we’ll be providing you with design ideas to make your artwork complement the beauty of any room.

#1 Lean and Casual

The atmosphere you’re trying to achieve plays a crucial role in choosing what design works best, and if you’re going for a more relaxed and casual feel, then we suggest leaning your paintings. This method is best used if you have many images and artwork to hang but not many surface areas to cover; the layering will help build more depth and make everything come together without looking like a mess.

You can achieve this look by installing floating shelves and lining up your chosen pieces against the wall, or you could opt to use a long table instead if that’s what you have on hand. Try to use frames of the same finish to prevent the arrangement from looking all over the place.

#2 Statement Art

Nothing beats statement art, whether used for apartment design or having it act as the center of attention in an art gallery, large works of art never fail to amaze. And if you have a huge open space available directly above furniture like a couch, we suggest to seize this opportunity and get something perfect for the room.

With this method, it’s either go big or go home, so make sure the size of the art piece is proportionally significant in relation to the furniture it’s hanging above. If you don’t have one big painting to work with, we suggest trying method three with multiple pieces.

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#3 Grid Look

When working with multiple pieces of the same size, a beautiful alternative to statement art is by lining up 2 × 2 or 3 × 3 paintings/framed photos on your wall above a substantial piece of furniture. This method still achieves the same wow factor as statement art and gives you more room to get creative with your choice of paintings.

You will want to keep around one to two inches of breathing room between smaller frames and around four inches if you’re working with larger pieces. Also, don’t forget to use a measuring tape and level to keep things neat and tidy.

#4 Gallery Wall

While traditional wall decor methods require you to follow exact measurements and keep things in check, you could also choose to create a gallery wall if you have plenty of art pieces of varying sizes to use for design. The process involves “winging it” and trying to tie the entire look by eye and nothing else. You can use different prints, textures, and art types to give it a more eclectic feel.

We suggest using a placeholder like newspaper and painter’s tape before attaching anything so that it’s much easier to visualize and keeps you from pulling things down. Try mixing things up before deciding on a final look for your gallery wall.

#5 Vertical/Horizontal Display

One of the most reliable methods of hanging artwork is going with a vertical/horizontal display. It works with any narrow space around the house, and all you have to remember is keeping the centerpiece or the center of a group at eye level. It doesn’t take a lot to achieve and can help make the room feel more striking.

Try checking beside doorways and between windows for narrow and tall spaces to work around. As for horizontal displays, you can also try lining up a group of paintings along with a table to give the room more accent.

Experiment and Get Creative

Overall, the idea is to experiment and get creative with your artworks and pieces. You don’t need to be uppity and strict with interior design because that will limit the potential style you can achieve. So be sure to try all these different methods and see which works best for your home.

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