The Basics of Home Pest Prevention

It doesn’t matter if it is termites eating your home, raccoons playing hide and seek in the rafters, or any of the seemingly millions of pests that try to invade our home, pest prevention is a necessity for every homeowner. That is also why it is important to understand the basics of home pest prevention, and as the attached video reminds us, to seek out a qualified and professional home pest exterminator when we need help. From the mere discomfort they can cause to the potential risks they pose, getting rid of pests does more than remove an aggravation, it also makes our homes safer and more comfortable too.

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If you move into a home only to find it has a pest problem, or if you caught an infestation too late, then a home pest exterminator can help. There are steps, however, that we can take ourselves to help thwart the threat of pest problems. One step homeowners can take is using an effective bug and pest spray around the interior and exterior of the home, focusing on doorways, windows, and any cracks around the foundation. Additionally, using sticky traps in areas like the garage can help stop and monitor pest activity. In addition to having a home inspection, your local home pest exterminator is also a good source of information about pest prevention and what you need to do to have a pest-free home.


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