The Value of an Outdoor Living Space and How You Can Achieve It

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We spend most of our time inside our homes, but it should not mean we give less value to our outdoor space. If you think about it, your outdoor area serves an important function in aesthetics, safety, and security.

Furthermore, having a beautiful exterior means more spaces in your home where you can create more good memories with your family and friends. Not to mention, if you are planning on selling your property, a beautiful home exterior adds more value to your property.

According to the National Association of Realtors, homebuyers are willing to pay a premium on houses that have an outdoor living space, along with green home design and open floor plans.

Need more convincing why you need to improve your lawn and driveway? Consider these reasons.

Why You Need to Improve Your Outdoor Living Space

1. Improve Health

Having your own outdoor area gives you and your family a perfect setting to get some natural sunlight without having to leave home. We all know the value of Vitamin D in our bodies. Not only does it promote bone growth and healthier hair, but it also helps fight depression and stress and helps reduce the risk of heart diseases.

2. Utilize Space

Increasing your living space is not limited to building a new room or some home extension. It also includes utilizing your outdoor space. Otherwise, you might be short-changing yourself.

Building the right outdoor space for you and your family allows you to utilize every space in your property. This extra space will be handy when you have guests over, making your home feel a little less crowded.

3. Provide a Room for Pets

Your dogs, cats, and other pets also need to get some exercise and playtime. And having an outdoor space offers this advantage. You can allow your pets to move around freely while staying safe within your property’s boundaries.

Do not forget to make your outdoor area pet-friendly as well by making sure your plants are safe for pets, and you have your surrounding area fenced. Train your pets to relieve themselves at a designated area to make cleaning much easier.

4. Enhance Safety and Security

When you have a beautiful outdoor space, you tend to gravitate more towards spending more time outdoors. In effect, it offers you more opportunities to keep an eye on your property and discover any possible security risks.

You could gauge whether you would need to place surveillance cameras, trim hedges or shrubs, or put more lights on a certain area. Doing this significantly helps reduce the chances of criminals thinking of doing nefarious activities on your property.

5. Increase Property Value

As mentioned, your property’s value tends to increase when you create a beautiful and quality outdoor living space. If you plan to sell your home or have your property appraised for refinancing, adding varied amenities to your outdoor space and making it look appealing helps significantly.

How to Improve Your Outdoor Space


Now that we have established the value of improving your outdoor space, here are some ways you can enhance yours.

1. Put Some Native Plants

Adding landscaping to your home significantly increases your home’s aesthetic appeal while adding value. Keep in mind that the pants you choose to surround your home should complement your architectural style.

It is suggested that when choosing plants, opt for indigenous or native ones. Not only will choosing them help the ecosystem thrive, but they require little to no maintenance.

2. Add Lights

After creating a beautiful landscape, how about installing some outdoor lighting to create a chill, warm vibe to your outdoor space? Spotlights could highlight central landscaping features. Path lights help everyone get around your outdoor area. Not to mention, a well-lighted outdoors helps deter criminals.

3. Invest in Add-ons

Adding exterior home improvements is also a must if you want to improve your home’s outdoors. Installing covered walkways and canopies with your landscaping and lighting creates a stunning facade that will definitely turn everyone’s head to your house.

Consider replacing your roof if its damaged shingles, mould growth, and bald patches have grown visible. Your windows also need some attention. Aside from washing, it might need some new slap of paint or glass replacements.

4. Make Necessary Repairs and Maintenance

Doing regular maintenance and repair on your outdoor amenities also helps improve your outdoor living space. Freshen up old decks with new paint, buy some new patio furniture, or replace old light fixtures.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead now and work on improving your outdoor space. Once enhanced, you can use it for several purposes.

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