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Trendy interior design enthusiasts may dread the word “traditional” when creating their own spaces. To them, traditional means dated, and therefore unwelcome in a modern space. But professional interior designers will disagree.

When designing homes, interior designers abide by a common rule, and that’s achieving timelessness. Instead of incorporating every single trend in a space, they go for classic elements that have withstood the test of time. Yet despite that, designers still achieve a modern space that puts all trends to shame.

While following trends isn’t bad, it can make a home look dated fast. Do you still remember when neon lights were such a must-have item? Almost every teen and young adult wanted it for their rooms, but now, we barely see them in the latest home tour videos.

That said, before falling into the death trap of design trends, note these traditional home features that your modern home absolutely needs:

1. Subway Tile

Subway tile backsplashes have been the hallmark of every American kitchen since the 1920s. It’s affordable, appealing, and classic. No matter the finish, they make kitchens look more functional. Nowadays, they’re available in a variety of materials and sizes, so you may opt-out of the ones that look too old-fashioned in your opinion.

2. Wide-plank Oak Floors

Despite the popularity of vinyl flooring, it’s still wide-plank oak floors that make homes feel fresher. Its classic look matches any type of home design, from Scandinavian to industrial. The material is also durable, and able to maintain its charm even after years.

3. Classic Patterns

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Damask, plaid, botanical, stripes, and more, give rooms more texture and dimension. Damask patterns may look overwhelming as a window treatment or wallpaper, so keep it on your throw pillows instead. Plaid, on the other hand, will always remain a staple in winter decorating.

It’s a general rule to have at least three different patterns in a single room. The scale of each pattern should also vary. Usually, there has to be one large pattern and two smaller ones. For example, in a bedroom, make your pillows plain, your throw pillows stripped, and your lumbar pillow botanical. That way, the bedding won’t look flat and dull, but alive and visually interesting.

Try to keep animal prints, chevrons, and geometrical patterns to a minimum. They may look cute, but they’re not the most timeless pieces.

4. Wet Bar

Even if you won’t entertain guests often, a wet bar will still boost your kitchen’s functionality. It will give you extra counter space, and a zone strictly for making and mixing drinks. And because a wet bar has its own built-in sink, it will improve the traffic in your kitchen. You no longer have to walk to your main sink to drain liquids or wash your hands.

5. Focal Point

A focal point is the statement feature, usually the largest, in a room. In a typical American living room, a fireplace serves as such. You can use a traditional fireplace with a mantel, or go more modern with a sleek gas fireplace. Either of them makes a classic focal point.

Artwork, furniture pieces, staircases, and chandeliers are also great focal points. You can only have one focal point in a space; if you decide that it’s going to be a chandelier, ensure that you’ll draw your eyes up there. To do that, choose simple furnishings so that your guests will focus on the feature overhead.

6. Natural Light

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Privacy concerns shouldn’t stop you from having large windows. Besides, you can always install privacy window films, shades, or drapes. Natural light will open up your space and supply nutritious vitamin D. More importantly, it reduces your energy costs.

7. Built-in Bookshelves

You may tire of seeing living rooms designed with built-in shelves flanking a TV and a fireplace, but those are here to stay. Built-in bookshelves are inspired by classic in-wall libraries of the past. It elevates a room’s sophistication and improves its function. Indeed, shelves mean extra storage or a place to display your treasures.

8. Concealed Tech Pieces

Executing timelessness means not giving away how modern or how old-school your space is. As such, you have to conceal some tech pieces. That’s usually gaming consoles, stereos, and some kitchen appliances.

Televisions are the hardest to conceal, so some homeowners decorate it or buy units that can be disguised as a painting. For their kitchens, they may integrate their fridge in the cabinetry. They may also hide their countertop appliances inside a hutch or another cabinet.

You don’t need to hide every single tech piece, of course. But still, try to make them unnoticeable. Make the traditional elements pop instead, and your abode will look and feel more homely. Remember that your home is supposed to be your retreat after a tiring day, so keep it classic and cozy.

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