Tricks for Designing a Stunning and Functional Pool House


Your swimming pool is only as good as the pool house beside it. This is because you need a functional space to store all your swimming necessities, serve some refreshing drinks and yummy snacks. You can also have an area where you, your family, and guests can hang out during swimming breaks.

However, it needs to be designed in a way that’s easy to maintain. Here are some tricks for designing the pool house of your dreams.

Incorporate elements from the exterior of your home

If you are satisfied with your main home’s design, ensure cohesion in your entire property by designing your pool house around your main house’s architecture. Use the same materials, color palettes, and basic design principles you used for your main house.

Create continuity between the exterior and the interior

One of the best ways to keep your pool house as open and airy as possible is by extending the indoors and the outdoors. You can create this illusion of continuity by opting for sliding doors instead of regular ones. Whether people are hanging out by the pool or inside the pool house, they will still feel connected and part of the same gathering. You can also opt for floor-to-ceiling glass windows, making the house look more like a glasshouse.

Keep the greenery

Just because you’re building a new structure beside the pool, it doesn’t mean you need to abandon the greenery altogether. Ask your designer and contractor to keep the grass and add spaces to incorporate some potted plants. Lawn care and maintenance will also be key to keeping the area looking new for many years. So design the pool house in a way that doesn’t disrupt your greenery.

Add an exterior shower

An exterior shower can add a touch of luxury and vacation feel to your pool house because it’s reminiscent of fun days at a resort. An outdoor shower is also incredibly functional. Anyone who wants to take a dip in the pool can instantly wash dirt and debris off themselves before diving. Doing so ensures that your pool water will be clean at all times.

Mind the materials used for the interiors


One of the gravest mistakes you can make when designing a pool house is choosing a non-durable material for the floors. Your floors need to be able to survive wet feet and water droplets, so it needs to have strong and long-lasting properties.

Fortunately, there are plenty of materials that are not only durable but also pretty to the eyes. Consider a luxury vinyl plank flooring. It can provide the look of hardwood floors but with all the privileges and best features of vinyl. It will survive wet kids running around and spilled drinks for many years.

Incorporate a fireplace

It may seem counterintuitive to add a fireplace, especially if you live in an area where fall and winter occur. Still, a fireplace can instantly elevate your pool house. It can also be a wonderful focal point, instead of a TV screen or a plain piece of art. Choose an arched opening to provide a more elegant and open feel to your interiors. Surround it with tall windows to let a lot of natural light in.

Consider adding a kitchenette

If your yard does not have an outdoor grill or kitchen, consider incorporating a kitchenette into your pool house. It can be the perfect place for your kids to run up to get some snacks after hours of swimming. If it’s right next to the garden, it can also provide double duty as a potting area.

Opt for an earthy and muted color palette for the cabinets so that it doesn’t clash with the greenery outside. Consider having an inset refrigerator that can house all of your favorite drinks. Let the kitchen open up to the pool area as well, like an outdoor bar.

Mix and match various lighting materials

To add character to your pool house, opt for various kinds of light fixtures and styles. From lanterns to more casual chandeliers, there is no shortage of lighting styles that can give your pool house a five-star hotel feel.

Growing up with a swimming pool can certainly give your kids a fun childhood. Having a pool house beside it can be one of the best ways to keep them safe and healthy while swimming since it can house their swimming necessities. Invest in your pool house during this pandemic so that you can have the feel of a vacation even while staying home.

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