Upgrading the Style: Updating and Refurbishing Your Home

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Improving your home can sound like a difficult task. Some people aren’t even sure how to start; they have a vague desire for things to be better. It’s a good idea to sit down with some magazines about interior design and landscaping, so you get an idea of what you want. Once you identify what you are unhappy about, it will make it easier to plan for the improvements.

A desire to feel more comfortable while having a pretty space for entertaining can lead you to refurnish the parlour or build a deck. This means saving money and talking to furniture experts and reputable patio suppliers who can give you a good deal. A dreary feeling inside the house might be a lack of natural light and other lighting sources to lift the brightness of the spaces.

Sometimes, it can help to make small improvements inside the house. This is a good way to identify your taste, so you know what you like before making a sweeping change to your decor.

Rearrange the Furniture

There is no reason why you should not change the arrangement of your furniture. Perhaps the unease you feel at home is the cause of a lack of feng shui. It could also be that the furniture arrangement is not conducive to the flow of movement around the house.

Rearrange the furniture room by room or throughout the house till you find an arrangement that feels natural and comfortable. If this still does not allow for a feeling of calm, you may want to consider that it is because the furniture does not suit the space.

Colour and size have a lot to do with the feel of a room. Your furniture may have worn upholstery and does not present well near the freshly painted walls. Perhaps the colour of the furniture and the walls clash. There is also a chance that the furniture is too big or small for the room. Too big can leave the rooms feeling cramped and crowded. Too small will feel like something is missing.

Attractive Shelves


Shelves are a great way to add depth and interest to a room while providing the practical benefit of storage. A wall-to-wall bookcase is a good way to store your book collection, have space for mementos and souvenirs, and display photographs as well as keep track of remotes, keys, and kids’ toys.


Recessed lighting can make a big difference in how warm and inviting a room feels. LED lighting strips are easy to install and come in a variety of colours. You can also add lamps to empty corners of the room to add both light and an attractive feature.

Plug-in sconces are also a good way to add lighting but with a bigger effect. These will look like a feature of the wall and add to the decoration style of the room. These are also good for unobtrusively adding light to a dark hallway and give it a more attractive element.

Paint and Knobs


This is a good project for someone who enjoys some light DIY work. Take apart the small cabinets around the house and refinish them with new paint. Replace the knobs with new ones that are interesting, like animal-shaped knobs are attractive like brass knobs.

This will give a cohesive feel throughout the house and upgrade the look of every room. The fun new knobs will be a good conversation piece with visitors and make your family enjoy the experience of using the cabinets more. You can even take old toys and paint and fit them to become knobs. This is a good way to interest your children and help remind them which toy knob indicates what item should go where, so they are better at putting away their clothes.

Statement Wall

A recent trend has proven to be a big hit with people and creates a wonderful visual feast in any home. Paint one wall of your living space a completely different colour from the rest of the walls. Hang pictures, paintings, and knickknacks on this wall.

The bold colour will set off the decor items and pictures and help to draw the eye. This will also reduce the feeling of clutter on other walls, as everything you want to display will be in one area.

Paint the Ceiling

Sometimes people underestimate the power of the ceiling. The style and design of the ceiling can have just as strong an impact on the feel of your home as the walls.

Replace the light covers on the ceiling with something more modern and appealing. Paint the ceiling a nice pastel colour to enhance the feeling of restfulness within the home.

Consider painting constellations on the ceilings in the bedroom to encourage your children to want to stay in bed. Avoid bold colours as the only time you will see the ceiling directly is when you will be lying down. You do not want the bright colours to make you restless. Abstract shapes or a simple polka dot pattern can help to improve your ability to fall asleep.

As you can see, it does not have to be overwhelming if you take it in small amounts. Some people can totally overhaul a home in a short time simply by going piece by piece or room by room. Always remember that the intention is to make your house feel more like home. You do not have a deadline you need to meet. This will encourage you to view the project with more equanimity and make choices designed to soothe and appeal.

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