Ways to Adopt a Romantic-Style Interior into Your Home

A romantic-style interior captures the whimsical climate of the 18th century through its use of delicate pastels, silk sheets, and vintage dressers.

If you want a time out from modern-day approaches to home design, you might want to adopt this century-old aesthetic. So, what are the essential elements of building a romantic-style hideaway?

Dreamy Pastels

To establish a romantic-themed interior, make use of soft pastels and neutral earth tones such as classic cream, rich taupe, dusty pink, and pale blue. Choose furniture pieces and decorations that depict the old-fashioned architecture of the 18th and 19th century as well as the subtle colors of nature.

Assign lighter shades of color for your walls to create a subdued aesthetic. You can opt for ivory white for a flawless look, but you can also go with a soft beige to establish a more classic and sophisticated ambiance. If you want to achieve a regal atmosphere, choose taupe for your walls. The rule is to stick with hushed tones as they serve as perfect backdrops for a romantic-inspired home.

The same rule should be applied to the color of your flooring. Since a romantic-inspired interior is all about subtlety, select flooring that boasts shades of white, beige, and gray. You can opt for ceramic tiles as they give that smooth and elegant look to your interior. Don’t forget to choose ceramic tiles with minimal design for a more polished aesthetic. Aside from its glazed finish, ceramic tiles are also versatile and quite durable.

However, if you’re willing to shell out big bucks for your home renovation, you can go with marble flooring. Marble flooring depicts an old-world opulence that is suited for your romantic-style interior. Make sure to select a marble flooring with a polished finish. If you want a darker-toned yet luxurious-looking flooring, quartzite is the way to go. Aside from its captivating design, quartzite flooring is durable and budget-friendly.

Vintage Furniture Pieces

A distinct characteristic of romantic-themed interiors is its fondness for feminine pieces. That’s why it’s essential to choose furniture elements that boast refined edges, soft curves, and intricate details. From your bed frame to your sofa, opt for graceful and traditional-looking designs.

Antique Victorian chairs, for instance, are great additions to your romantic-inspired interior. Its ornate frame and plush upholstery can indeed mimic the majesty of the mid-century era.

Moreover, it’s essential to include wooden furniture in your home. Look for mahogany dressers and tables with intricate and old-school designs to mesh well with your vintage-themed interior.

So, if you want to get rid of your existing furniture and go vintage, avail roll-off services to help with that.


Feminine and Floral Fabrics

To cop that whimsy aesthetic, play with soft-textured and light-colored fabrics in your interior.

For your bed covers, you can use cotton or lyocell beddings in neutral colors or delicate pastels. Create contrast by opting for pillowcases made from beautiful silk to add an element of luxury to your bedroom.

For your upholstery, linen, cotton, wool, and polyester are safe options. If you want a more sophisticated look, velvet can provide you just the right amount of comfort and elegance you’re looking for. As for the colors of your upholstery, go for subtle hues to match your romantic-inspired interior. But you have to establish variety, so using furniture fabrics with floral patterns is a must. Aside from creating that vintage feel, floral designs also give that feminine touch to your interior.

Another element that would capture the atmosphere of the 18th century is the use of majestic-looking drapes. Drapes add a different level of opulence in your home. Opt for curtains with soft earth tones as they wouldn’t overpower the color of your walls and flooring. High-ceiling curtains also have a way of making your place look more regal.

Old-World Trimmings

The most exciting part of home design is embellishing your interior with different decors. Stay true to your theme by utilizing elements that are feminine and elegant.

Design your tabletops and dressers with ceramic vases to add an old-world charm to your place. Include silver-framed photographs to disrupt the design. Don’t forget to install large-sized mirrors in your living area as they are reminiscent of that 18th-century glamour.

Of course, a romantic-style interior wouldn’t be complete without the strategic use of lighting. Opt for chandeliers as they create an atmosphere of elegance and warmth in your home. Also, make sure to outline your place with various floor and table lamps with delicate-looking covers to help set the mood. You can also decorate your tables with candle lights to achieve a more romantic ambiance, especially in the evening.

Indeed, adopting a romantic-themed interior is like a whimsical exploration of the past. So, if you want to live in a home filled with soft hues, old-world elements, and feminine touches, then this century-old interior is perfect for you.

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