What Happens When You Hire a Local Dumpster Service?

Delivering and removing a short-term rented dumpster is a straightforward process, but some details can cause inconvenience when ignored. The first step in the process is the rental confirmation. This often occurs when a customer contacts the local dumpster service to obtain a bid based on delivery and pickup dates, location, dumpster size, weight, and other factors. Dumpster rentals are prepaid, with the customer providing a credit card number in case they extend the rental, or their trash weighs more than expected.

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The next step is the delivery of the dumpster. Some aspects of the delivery vary based on the delivery truck’s equipment, but others are standard. These include placing the dumpster in an accessible location that allows for movement around the dumpster and the ability to open the dumpster door. Placing boards on the ground or pavement ensures the dumpster does not scar the surface.

When picking up the dumpster, the first step is to visually inspect the contents to ensure it does not contain prohibited items. If so, they get removed, and the renter is notified. Then, the dumpster is loaded on the truck, weighed at the dump, and pricing is adjusted for overages. When dumping the contents, they are monitored for prohibited items, and the customer is contacted regarding their disposal or return.


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