What to Know About Fire and Water Restoration

When you experience water damage in your home, reduce the damage by bailing water out and drying the affected area with fans. Contact a professional fire and water restoration company. As Water Technician Ricardo Gonzales explains in this video, the restoration process begins with the technician taking moisture readings throughout the building.

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When the remediation crew locates an area with significant moisture buildup, they remove the drywall to dry the interior of the wall and the insulation using high-powered portable fans.

Once they dry the area, the crew removes damaged items, such as insulation, replacing the materials. If the area shows evidence of mildew or mold, the water technician orders mold abatement. Once the work crew completes this task, they replace the removed drywall with a new piece, then finish and sand the wall or patch to make it look new. They may paint the area, or the homeowner may hire interior painters to handle the task.

These processes may take a few days or months. It depends on the extent of the damage, the availability of replacement materials, and weather conditions. Contact a remediation professional as soon as possible after a fire or water damage. The sooner you dry the area, the quicker inspection and repairs can begin.


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