Why You Should Go Nordic With Your Interiors – and How

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The Scandinavians know a thing or two when it comes to design. And it shows in the way their trademark interior design never goes out of style. If you’ve noticed the Nordic interior aesthetic making waves again, that’s because they never stopped. Especially now that we’re facing a pandemic and there’s distress all around the globe, we strive to find peace whatever way we can.

That’s where the minimalist, sensible, and relaxing elements of Nordic design never go wrong. Because less is more, looking around your interiors won’t agitate you. Instead, the sight of muted colors, abundant natural light, and indoor greenery will help you to relax. Here’s a list of tips for converting your space into a Scandinavian dream home.

Warm, cozy textiles

“Hygge” is the Danish and Norwegian word that refers to the feeling of warmth, coziness, and contentment. They capture these feelings in their home interior design and decor by draping thick textiles over beds and couches

Maximize natural light

Natural light is scarce in cold Scandinavian countries, so the people make the most of it when it’s there. Simplify your window treatments. Hang the draperies higher so the windows appear taller. Similarly, if you want your windows to appear wider, extend the curtain rods on the left and right sides.

Play with contrast

Contrast is a way to up the interest factor without having to use bold colors. You can use black and dark gray pieces to offset your bright walls. Another popular combination of Nordic design is wood and metal. The wood gives a feeling of warmth, while the metal has a polished coolness to it.

Neutralize your palette

Coating your walls with a whitewash of paint is a common practice in Scandinavian design. These Northern European countries experience long winters. Nights are longer and days are shorter, so the key to keeping indoor spaces looking bright is to paint them bright. If you’re not comfortable with a plain white color, you can opt for something else so long as it’s bright and muted.

The added benefit of neutralizing your home’s color palette is that it makes it easier to sell. Neutral colors make it easier for prospective buyers to imagine living in that space.

Be one with nature

Having a neutral palette means your indoor plants can truly shine. The earthy warmth of your wooden flooring and accents go perfectly with the lush greenery of indoor plants. Not only do plants clean the surrounding air, but they also benefit your mental health by lowering your levels of stress and depression.

Add a sprinkling of accent colors

Since you’re working with bright, neutral palettes, you’re free to add accent colors here and there. Blue is the preferred accent color in Nordic design, but earthy colors go great with the overall look too.

Invest in mod furniture

The furniture that goes best with a Scandinavian design style is the ones that have simple, sleek silhouettes. A good rule of thumb is to choose pieces that are minimal and appear lightweight, such as swan chairs and tulip tables.

Keep things neat and tidy

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Minimalism is all about “less is more”. Make sure to declutter your belongings. The more space you see, the better. This is a major part of the reason Nordic designs are relaxing to look at – there’s no fuss. Looking at clean, clear spaces instead of messy, chaotic ones puts the mind at ease and helps us to be more productive and happy.

Choose your flooring wisely

It’s rare to see wall-to-wall carpeting in a Scandinavian-themed home and there’s probably a good reason for that. Carpeted flooring is a high maintenance installation. It’s soft and makes your footsteps quieter but it doesn’t bode well against spills and stains. Hardwood floors are truer to the spirit of Nordic design. They’re easier to clean and maintain. They also last longer and add real estate value to your home.

While carpeted flooring is the safest option if you’ve got kids running at home, try limiting it to one room — perhaps the kids’ playroom — if you can’t help yourself. An alternative flooring for the playroom is using puzzle piece mats. They’re colorful, soft, and safer for kids to fall on. They’re also easy to disassemble, so you can move them to any room you like. They may not be Nordic, but minimalist styles aren’t suited for the colorful, playful tastes of children anyway.

The next time you’re thinking of redecorating, pick up a thing or two from Scandinavian design. It’s a simple, clean, and elegant approach to designing your interiors. Best of all, the minimalism of it all goes well with any time of year, allowing you to go from season to season with little to no need for adjusting.

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