4 Ways to Make Your Home Easier and Cheaper to Maintain

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Maintaining a household can feel like a full-time job. There are so many things that you have to do every single day to keep your house clean–or at the very least, sanitary. And on top of that, there are monthly or periodic tasks that you have to accomplish lest the furniture, appliances, household systems, and other elements in your home fall apart.

That said, keeping a clean house can seem like an impossible feat, especially if you barely have enough time for chores in between raising the kids and going to work. Luckily, there are a lot of ways you can make your house easier to maintain, and most of them only take a few simple changes:

1. Get an artificial lawn

Keeping your house clean is one thing; maintaining your lawn is another. If you want a lawn that is healthy and luscious, you have to put in the work–and that involves mowing, fertilizing, watering, aerating, weeding, and so much more. Of course, not everyone has the time for all of these things, and you most likely have to pay for a lawn care service to accomplish these tasks.

But if you don’t want to spend any more time and money than necessary on keeping a gorgeous lawn, consider hiring artificial lawn installation services to replace your lawn with faux grass that stays perfectly green all year round and requires little maintenance. Aside from cutting down on lawn care tasks, you’re also effectively reducing your water bill and expenses on fertilizer, mulch, and weed killer.

2. Do a major purge

The less stuff you have in your home, the less that you have to clean. Keep in mind that all objects gather dust regardless of where they are put, meaning the more belongings you have, the more dust that you have to clean time and time again. The worst part? You’re most likely spending a lot of time cleaning stuff that you won’t be using anytime soon–or ever again.

That said, purging your home of objects that you no longer want or need is imperative to making it easier to clean. Start with the biggest items, such as unnecessary or unwanted furniture, appliances, and equipment. Then, move on to the smaller stuff, like decor, clothing, toys, seasonal objects, dishware, and basically anything else that no longer deserves a place in your home.

Letting go of stuff can be difficult, which is why you need to purge slowly but steadily. You don’t have to get rid of a ton of your belongings right away–even if it’s just a box or two a week, that’s already a big difference.

Similarly, it’s also important that you reel in your shopping. Just because you have extra room from purging doesn’t mean you can fill it up with new stuff–that’s just defeating the purpose. So, keep your shopping to a minimum and buy only things that you truly need or want.

3. Replace or repair ASAP

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If you ignore a leaking pipe, it’s going to make a mess that you have to clean every time the puddle grows too big. Or if you fail to replace the air filters every three months, you’re essentially letting dust fill your home.

Keep your house easy to clean by accomplishing maintenance tasks regularly. Replace what needs to be replaced, and repair what needs to be repaired. Dedicate a separate calendar for these tasks if they are too difficult to remember. And once something is due for a repair or replacement, get the task done as soon as possible instead of procrastinating. Trust us, you’ll be more thankful that you did.

4. Clean as you go

Don’t wait until your house is filthy to start cleaning. Otherwise, you’re going to have a harder time cleaning and tidying up your home, making the task more dreadful than it really is. And if you’re one of those people that hate doing chores, waiting the last minute to clean is going to add unnecessary stress on your shoulders.

Instead, practice the ‘clean as you go’ rule. This means putting the dishes in the dishwasher after every meal, making the bed every morning, having the kids put away toys every day, folding clothes as soon as they come out of the dryer, and so much more. This practice may seem tedious at times, but it makes it easier for you to maintain a clean home with minimal effort.

Maintaining a clean and organized home is not easy, especially if you have kids, a job, and a million other responsibilities. However, it’s not impossible either, and you can make it easier to achieve by following these simple strategies.

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