Minor Details That Can Brighten Up Your Home Aesthetic

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We’ll admit that we sometimes go overboard with all the big and large-scale projects; there’s just something when it comes to working on a project for so long and feeling that huge sigh of relief when all that effort pays off in the end. It’s downright addictive, and it’s also super productive because your property value proportionately increases with every home improvement project you finish.

However, if there’s one thing we’d like to see change among the circle of home improvement enthusiasts, it’s showing more love to small-scale and simple fixes you can do around a house. Sure, the payoff won’t be the same, but it’s a lot more manageable for those on super busy schedules, which makes it more accessible and beginner-friendly for newbie home improvement enthusiasts. Plus, these simple upgrades don’t cost as much too and let you satiate the need without allocating a huge chunk of your budget.

#1 Check Your Light Fixtures

Ah yes, one minor detail that every homeowner seems to gloss over is the impact of good lighting and light fixtures on a home. Most people think nothing more of lightbulbs and lamps other than helping them see things, but in reality, they’re one of the best pieces of decor that can net you extra points in the aesthetics department. Of course, it’s not going to be taking any awards as a room’s centerpiece anytime soon, but it doesn’t have to because it adds flavor and makes a strong impression.

  • Clearance & Design: One important thing to note before going off on a shopping spree for light fixtures is taking account of clearance and the look you want to achieve. The last thing you want to happen is already having something, coming back home, and finding out that it comes off as overbearing, and people might hit their heads. So, get out your trusty measuring tape and spend a couple of minutes seeing how much headroom you have before it’s too much.
  • Indoors and Outdoors: Likewise, picking out light fixtures also gives you the option of doing the outdoor or indoor lighting first, which means more flexibility in your budget and time to make things look the way you want. Just be sure to double-check your breaker panel and see if it can handle all the new light fixtures you’re hooking up.

#2 Kitchen Cabinets Deserve Some Love

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For our second overlooked detail, we walk back to the kitchen, and before you make the argument that this room already gets enough attention as is, we urge you to shift your eyes to the kitchen cabinets. Sadly, homeowners put way too much of an emphasis on countertops and kitchen islands, and as long as the kitchen cabinets match with them, most people don’t care all too much about the quality of kitchen cabinets.

  • Custom Vs. Semi-Custom: One simple way to overcome this dilemma is choosing between custom kitchen cabinetry or fitting out your kitchen with semi-custom ones. Both offer great personalization, help declutter the space, and really make your kitchen stand out as an excellent room in the house. Plus, if you’re willing to put in some elbow grease yourself, it’s pretty easy to slash down the overall costs and to net a profit through home appreciation.
  • Two-Tone Color Themes: A lot of home enthusiasts are going for bold strokes and very outlandish styles for the kitchen, but we think there’s plenty of value going around by sticking with what’s simple; two-tone color themes. Most traditional homes are very monotone in color, so adding an extra hue will give the kitchen the contrast it needs to look better than before.

#3 Your Entryway Needs Help

Last but not least, mudrooms and entryways are in dire need of help and attention. We’ve seen an alarming trend where it’s always just a simple bench, table, coat rack, and nothing more. And, despite being the first impression most people get when they enter your home, you would think that a lot more effort would go into making it look nice or the least bit more welcoming. Most homeowners start and stop at painting the front door but completely forget the existence of the entryway!

  • Maximize Wall Space: Instead of using the typical furniture that you’d see in an 80’s TV show, one of the best ways to innovate and make your entryway look better is maximizing wall space and cutting down on furniture altogether. Believe it or not, that bench or chair you put there doesn’t actually get sit on quite a lot, so they have no business just taking up space for no reason. So, we recommend putting them away and installing pieces directly to your walls, and keeping your free-standing furniture to a minimum.

Small Changes Accumulate, So Don’t Underestimate Them!

In conclusion, while small changes don’t hold a candle to large-scale projects, they do accumulate over time, so don’t underestimate them one bit! In fact, you might find it even more fun to look around the house and see what other simple details you can improve with not as much money involved.

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