Can You Design A Backyard Garden For Play?

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Here you are waking to the sound of your alarm when suddenly your kid comes rushing through the door, jumping on the bed, and asking, “what’s for breakfast!” And, instead of getting a couple more minutes of shut-eye before starting the day, you hurriedly wake yourself up to whip up some food. Of course, you don’t hold anything against your kid. You love them so much that you instantly forgive every little annoying thing they somehow manage to do. But, if there’s one thing you’ve realized as a parent, you don’t have enough energy to keep up with their play!

This is a reality most family households deal with on a day-to-day basis, and while it’s all part of family life, parents deserve to catch their breath now and then, which means distracting the kids with something else. So, today we’d like to introduce to you the idea of turning your backyard garden into a safe play paradise to keep your children entertained and have a fun project to do over the weekend. And, hopefully, netting a win-win scenario where your kids get an awesome backyard to play at during the late afternoon and giving you that much-needed recharge time during the afternoon slump.

But, Can’t We Just Stay Inside?

Yes, you can choose to stay inside, but no, that won’t work because there’s only so much you can do when you’re limited by the walls that surround you. There are only so many Netflix shows and films you can binge through in one-day until you start feeling lethargic and sluggish from lying down for so long. Plus, your kids won’t be able to keep themselves entertained when they’re locked up inside their rooms.

  • Staying Cooped Up Gets Boring: This goes for both you and your kids; nobody likes sitting and sleeping 24/7. And, while you think that idea doesn’t like a bad weekend getaway, it gets old and boring if it turns into your everyday kind of lifestyle.
  • We All Need To Stretch Out And Breathe Fresh Air: Secondly, it’s just good lifestyle advice to get out, stretch your muscles, and breathe some fresh air. Plus, having a backyard that’s play-friendly gives the family the perfect place to relax if anything around the house needs fixing, like the plumbing system or having the AC repair service come over for maintenance.

#1 Adding Key Play Equipment

Number one, your first design element and goal is to add key play equipment that will keep your children entertained and busy. From hammocks, swings to beautifully crafted pergolas with monkey bars, you’ll have no shortage of DIY projects to go over. Just remember that you know your kids best, so select play equipment that you know they’ll have fun using.

  • Tree Forts, Teepees, And More: Nothing beats your traditional tree fort; there’s just something about having a headquarters built into a tree that’s badass and fun. However, if you don’t have a tree or are concerned about falls, then you can also take a more Native-American approach and setup Teepees in your backyard. The goal is to have a place where you kids can call their base of operations.
  • Building Your Typical Playground: Likewise, a base of operations won’t cut it if there isn’t any typical playground equipment to use, so don’t forget to add your usual slides and climbing walls. Most of these you can build yourself if you’re feeling crafty enough, but a lot of hardware stores also offer precut kits that you can easily assemble.

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#2 Versatile Outdoor Entertainment Area

Number two, since you want to be able to stay outside and watch over your kids at times, then we also strongly suggest building a versatile outdoor entertainment area in the process. Not only does it give you and your significant other the perfect spot to stay productive and watch the kids, but when the pandemic finally lets up, it’s also the perfect place to have people come over and relax!

  • Cooking, Dining, And Relaxation: There are so many fabulous outdoor dining and cooking area ideas you can choose from, so just try to pick a style that suits your home aesthetic and also matches your capacity to DIY. Of course, we recommend going with something simple to start and slowly working your way up, but feel free to take on the challenge if you have a couple of days you can fork over for building and a bit of landscaping.

#3 Low Maintenance Perennials To Last

Last but not least, no backyard garden is ever complete without its share of plants and flowers. And, if you want this backyard garden to be play-friendly, we recommend low-maintenance perennials that don’t take a lot of work and can handle themselves well, even if your kids happen to get rowdy. Sure, you won’t be getting the most beautiful garden life, but it does save you the trouble of trying to keep everything in prim and top condition.

A Backyard Garden That Resonates Family Values

In conclusion, making your backyard garden play-friendly is an excellent home improvement project to take on if you have the time because it resonates with family values. Aside from keeping the kids entertained, it helps you balance out the stress of daily life with a bit of fun now and then. So, get to working and build yourself that dream backyard you’ve always wanted since you were little!

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