Fitting in the New Normal: How People Revamp Their Houses

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Before this pandemic came, you probably thought of renovating parts of your house but never went through because you did not have any time. When the pandemic struck, everyone had to stay at home and work from home. We had longer hours spent inside our houses than we had used to, and at some point, some thought it was boring. Hence, they took this opportunity to begin their renovations at home. But with the strict guidelines, social distancing, and other health protocols implemented outside, we had limited resources for the upgrades.

Many people managed their home renovations with limited resources, though. They had the opportunity to check online DIYs and other self-help videos, while others called experts to do their home remodeling project.

Here are some ways to renovate and revamp your house during the pandemic:

1.  Revamping can begin with a clean-up

Staying at home gives you that chance to keep things tidy and in order. It allows you to check if you still have that mug you’ve always wanted to throw but forgotten because you had to go to work early and come home very late. Cleaning up your closet gives you more space. The same goes for cleaning up the entire house. You create space after removing stuff that does not “spark joy” anymore. And this clean-up gives you extra room inside the house that you can work into.

2. Setting up a home office

With the new space unlocked after cleaning, you now have a space to put up your office at home. An old table that used to hold the stuff you did not need anymore could be refurbished, repainted, or re-varnished to be used as an office desk. If you don’t have a table at home that can be used for work, spending a few bucks on a new desk and chair is a good investment for your home office.

3. Remodeling the kitchen

When you go to work, you spend less time preparing your meals and always rely on instant food and fast food. Staying at home has made you stock on fresh ingredients and cook your meals every day. Therefore, you may want to renovate your kitchen and add a few appliances.

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4. Building a home gym

With the new space that you opened after decluttering, you can put up a home gym. You can now make use of that barely used treadmill you bought years ago when you did not have enough time to exercise. You can add a few other types of gym equipment like a stationary bike and barbell set for your strength and conditioning. You can even make an outdoor obstacle course to cater to your exercise routine.

5. Revamping your backyard

Your backyard can be transformed into anything that you need it to be. You can make your backyard cozier by constructing a patio and install chairs and a fire pit. Light up your backyard garden with hanging lights. You can also install a pond or beautify it by making a flower garden. You can choose what your backyard can be based on what you need or what you want. A backyard gym, for instance, sounds like a good idea for a safe workout and exercise area for your healthier lifestyle. Your family will also adopt this lifestyle.

6. Creating a play area for your kids

A pool is an excellent addition to your home renovation. You can buy a vinyl-lined pool, inflatable pool or make your own by digging at your backyard and create it on your own. A playground can also be added to your backyard. If you open up a bigger space inside the house, a play area can cater to kids. You can place their toys inside that room, including their electronic, digital, and online games; this will give you a single spot to watch your kids while working at home.

7. Starting a vegetable patch

This idea is crafty and wise because you get to cultivate the soil, plant vegetables for your consumption, and make your home more cozy and beautiful with all the plants surrounding your house. This is beneficial to your living during this pandemic because the trips to crowded places will not be frequent. You are giving your family healthier food on the table and avoid getting the virus outside your homes. You are protecting your family while making them stronger and healthier.

Renovating your home into a comfortable, clean, functional, and orderly place will create a feeling of satisfaction. Decluttering your house can be your stress reliever because you do not have any messy spaces anywhere. Creating a space for whatever you need– study, work, or hobby–will make life easier for you and your family. You will have a more convenient living area, a peaceful workspace, and most of all, a cozier home for everyone in the family.

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