Touch-Ups You Can Give Your Office a Modern Feel

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Most companies want to upgrade their offices because their employee numbers are expanding while others want it because they can impress more clients. And some want to move forward from the old and traditional office set-up to a modern one.

Your company is probably outnumbered by the Gen-Y and Gen-Z workers. Most of them prefer an open space to a cubicle to become more effective at what they do. The demands and needs of the new generation of workers today have upgraded. And you certainly do not want your workspace to get left behind.

workplace renovation is always a great idea, and it definitely pays off in winning new clients and creating a more productive environment for the employees. However, if you feel that it is not the time yet, you can always do a few touch-ups to give your old office a new modern feel. Follow these tips:

1. Repaint the walls using neutral colors

The color of the wall is one of the most powerful design tools that can instantly set the feel and mood of a space. It can make a room feel larger, calm, comfortable, and vice versa, so it essential that you choose the right colors for your walls.

To give it a modern ambiance, go for neutral colors. Neutral colors are not too bright and not too strong. They are delicate ones like the colors off-white, beige, cream, and gray.

Also, neutralized walls will give you more room to play around with the design and colors of the new furniture and decor you will bring in.

2. Let more natural light in

Using bright fluorescent light bulbs to see your work clearly, in broad daylight, is a thing of the past. Modernize the office space by allowing more natural light in.

If your office has large windows and the sunlight is not directly hitting the office space, you may roll up the blinds to let the light in.

If your office does not have large glass windows, consider having some that will run from the floor to the ceiling. Not only will this make the office feel more spacious and open, but natural light in the office also boosts employees’ productivity.

3. Make the office space more open

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Besides the large windows, you can also make the room more open by removing the ‘walls’ that separate your employees, such as cubicles and offices. Creating a space that is open for interaction encourages your employees to socialize, collaborate, and brainstorm together. Thus, making an environment that fosters harmonious relationships.

However, you still need to consider providing a few conference rooms to be used for private discussions.

4. Invest in new technology

This is essential when you want to modernized a workplace. Technology helps in creating a space that is more inspiring and appealing to your employees. Not to mention, it impresses potential clients, too.

It makes it easy for your employees to get up in the morning and go to work knowing that their jobs are made lighter because of the new technology implemented in the office. In other words, you give them something to look forward to at work.

Another advantage of investing in new technology is that it increases employees’ productivity and improves their overall efficiency. Just imagine how many tasks can be done much easier and much faster in a day.

Technology should not stop on your office’s equipment, machines, and gadgets. It can be present in the office furniture too.

5. Pick up some modern furniture

Standing desks are still modern but if you want to take it to the next level modern workspace, consider getting a treadmill desk. This kind of furniture will encourage your employees to be physically active while working, which can benefit them and your business. How? According to a Canadian study, treadmill desks help improve memory and concentration.

This is just one of the few pieces of furniture that you might want to get your office to look modernized. There is still more furniture to check out there; you may also want to consult an expert before making any purchase to make sure you pick something that your employees can actually use.

Upgrading a workspace is not only about improving its appeal but also about boosting the employees’ productivity and morale. It will also give an impression that you care about your workforce by responding to their needs resulting in a higher employee retention rate.

An office upgrade may be a huge business expense for the company, but if you come to think of it, the benefits your business may gain are valuable and for the long term.

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