From Stuffy to Spacious: 6 Tweaks to Make Your Small Home Look Bigger

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Sometimes, you feel like your home is too stuffy or cramped. With your bulky furniture and appliances, the space can feel very limiting to the point that you just want to redecorate and renovate your home to make it feel brand new. But before you start rearranging your furniture or doing repairs, you should try to find ways to give the illusion of open space and use the area that you already have. Carefully deciding on the changes that you will make will keep you happy and invested in the results of your refurnishing efforts. These are some ways to spruce up your home while making the most of its space.

Tear Down Some Walls

Walls make up a room. If you tear a wall down, you open up the space and merge it with another part of your home. This can make a big difference if you want to have a larger space in an area of the house. Some usual walls that are torn down for this purpose are kitchen walls. Kitchen space can flow naturally into a dining area with just a countertop for separation instead of a wall. Breaking down a wall between two adjacent bedrooms is also common to create a single, more spacious bedroom. Be careful as this task might require a professional to prevent further home damage, especially when load-bearing walls are involved.

Renovate Your Storage Rooms

Do you want to have a new space to move around in? Look no further than your home’s storage rooms. These often overlooked areas like your attic, outdoor storage shed, and basement can be renovated into just about any kind of room that you want. You will be giving new life to your dusty storage rooms whether you plan to use them as your separate home-based office workspace, a fun playroom for your kids, or a recreational area for the entire family.

Use the Space Under the Stairs

The space under your staircase has a lot of clever uses. Aside from using this space as a typically closed storage for cleaning tools, you will find out that modern homeowners turn it into an entirely new room complete with furniture and decorations. If you want to be practical, you can consider building a custom set of drawers for shoes or a rustic shelf for your book collection. You can also use the space as a pet area. But if you want to make it look fancier, a custom wine rack just might do the trick.


Consider Building a Loft

If you cannot add more to the small floor area of your home, look up and see if your ceiling is high enough for a loft. Instead of just maximizing your current floor plan, you can also make something out of the vertical space above you. Loft beds are great options for starters, but you can go the extra mile and create something like a cozy homework space or even an elevated lounge area.

Anchor Furniture to the Wall

Is your furniture taking up too much floor space? Try anchoring some of your furniture pieces to the walls! This is one of the most popular space-saving home installments that modern houses use. Just like how some homes have wall-mounted ironing boards, there are also options for foldable wall chairs, beds, and tables. After using these pieces of collapsible furniture, you can just fold them back up into the walls, and the space beneath will be available again for anything you want to do with it.

Build Custom Furniture for Empty and Awkward Corners

You might have empty and awkward corners and spaces in your home where neither furniture nor home decorations fit right. To be able to maximize these weird spaces, consider having custom benches and shelves built. A wooden shelf can add a touch of sophistication while giving you more storage for your essentials or decorations. On the other hand, a padded bench can help make your house feel homier while opening a place for lazy lounging.

If you feel cramped and restricted inside your own home, it can reflect on your words and actions. But a good imagination can help you open the space without moving to a wider area. With the renovation tips listed above, you should now feel more comfortable in your living space to perform your daily tasks better. As you continue maximizing the space available to you, remember to always put your and your family’s safety first and take the needed precautionary steps before starting any construction work.

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