Dog Adoption: 5 Tips for Homeowners


Most people think that adopting a dog is easy and fun, well it is, but behind the cute TikTok videos you see every day lies problems that all homeowners will understand.

Dogs are undeniably fun creatures, but they move a lot compared to smaller pets and even cats. They have better and more cheerful personalities than most pets that they sometimes forget that your slippers and shoes are not food. Dogs also do not know how to keep themselves clean, unlike cats, so their muddy paws are bad news for carpeted homes. We can go on and on, but you get the idea. There is a reason why some condominium establishments do not allow pets, and it is because they can destroy your house’s interior without knowing it.

Of course, leaving your pet dog in the middle of nowhere is out of the options. Dogs have feelings, too, and that is heartbreaking. No one will discourage you if you want to adopt a dog. You just have to be prepared and get your whole house ready.

Invest in Dog Gates

If you are the type of person who does not like to cage your pet dog, that is fine. Besides, caging pets is not good for their health. However, you cannot have them roaming around anywhere in the house. There are places in your home where you would not want your dog to be. No matter their size, they cannot possibly hang around your study or your library. Until you have trained your dog to behave accordingly, it is best to invest in dog gates that you can install over doorways to prevent them from roaming around and eating books.

Potty Train Them

Carpets and cleaning services are not cheap. Hence, you won’t appreciate it if your dog chooses to relieve itself on your expensive carpet. See, the thing about dogs is that peeing is part of their way to mark their territory and potentially find a mate. It is in their nature to pee in places they claim, and if they claim your bed, there is nothing you can do but change sheets again. Fortunately, just like cats, you can potty train your dogs. However, there is no guarantee that they will not pee in your garage to attract mates in the neighborhood.

You can also take them for regular walks so that they can release their pent-up energy in the park with other dogs. That will help them be physically active too.

Groom Them Occasionally

Dog grooming

Grooming your dogs is a huge part of being a dog parent, and it is both for them and your house.

Do you want to deal with the endless fur in your house whenever they are shedding badly? Do you want your wooden floor to lose its luster because of your dog’s untrimmed nails? Lastly, do you want your whole house to smell like your pet dog? A wise homeowner would say no, no matter how much you love your pet dog.

Moreover, grooming your dogs will help them be healthier. After all, hygiene is also essential to keep them safe from any infection that can harm them.

Store Away Your Things

Dogs are like children. They are babies that will take an interest in any new stuff they see. So when you somehow forgot your charger underneath your bed, chances are you will get it in two when you get home. Even your footwear and the couch are not safe when they get bored. Some dog breeds are generally well-behaved and reserved, such as Golden Retrievers and Corgis, but there is no guarantee that they will not pick on anything valuable in your living room. Thus, learn how to adjust and quickly store away your things or keep them far away from your pet dogs.

Build Them an Outdoor Play Area

The last thing any homeowner can do for their dogs and their house is to build them a dog house and a playpen. Dogs are social creatures as well. They like going outside and meeting other dogs and new people. So an outdoor dog area will make your dog happier, and it will provide breathing room for your house. If you are already looking into the best architecture companies for a new house design, you can include this feature just for your dogs. Just make sure to have them cleaned up before you let them back in, especially when the ground is wet.

Final Thoughts

Adopting a dog is fun, but it is also a tough feat, especially for homeowners. Fortunately, with proper preparations, you can solve all the problems associated with pet ownership.

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