Away with the Pandemic: Keeping the Virus Out of Your Home

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Despite the increased vaccinations in the U.S., the pandemic is still around the corner. So we must keep our homes safe from COVID-19 today and in the coming future. Knowing how the virus works should be the first step into your home protection.

About half of the U.S. population (166 million Americans) have been fully vaccinated this year. However, the existence of the Delta variant has made things complicated about reopening the country and its economy.

COVID-19 and the Delta Variant

The Delta variant has been known to be more infectious when compared to the other existing variants of the virus. Much like the Alpha strain, the virus is transmitted through human contact from the respiratory droplets expelled when one sneezes or coughs. These droplets can exist and live within a poorly ventilated surrounding for about two days. Furthermore, they can live on surfaces for two hours to 48 hours.

Particular variants have their own strengths when it comes to infection and symptoms. For example, the Delta variant is known to be more transmissible when compared to other variants. It can even infect fully vaccinated people, but the way it is transmitted is still the same. It just replicates faster when compared to other variants. These things are important to know when protecting your home against the virus.

Protecting Your Home Against the Virus

This article will look into simple ways you can keep your home safe against the virus. We will delve into the best floor plan against the virus, as well as the ways you can disinfect your home and when to disinfect it. The first thing you should do is open up your home by doing an open-floor plan.

Open-floor Plan

An open-floor plan is the best floor plan you can ever have during this pandemic, especially if your state is still under quarantine. This greatly reduces the chance of infection if you do have a virus carrier in your home because of the space you’ll have away from each other. Generally, it’s a good step into practicing social distancing in your home.

To start an open-floor plan, you’ll have to remove separation walls between social areas like the living room and the kitchen. You’ll also have to remove excessive furniture pieces that are blocking people’s way. It’s all about space in this floor plan, and once you’ve done those things, you’ll notice that you have more space in your home to move around.

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Better Ventilation

The next thing you should do is create better ventilation for your home. There are many ways you can do this. One known way is to replace your doors with sliding glass doors instead. This covers more space for air to move in and out of your home. Another way is to install an HVAC system. This is an expensive approach that can regulate the temperature inside your home while pushing stale air out.

As stated earlier, COVID-19 can live in rooms with poor ventilation for a couple of days. This is why your home must get good ventilation, especially if you have guests coming to visit.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Cleaning and disinfecting are some of the best ways you can keep your home safe from the virus. It’s been known that simple soap suds can kill the virus. These soap suds can be found in cleaning ingredients found inside your home. It can also be found in generic soap you find in your bathroom.

When cleaning, you must first clean the most touched items such as the TV remote, the computer mouse, etc. Then you start moving into the most visited surfaces, such as the kitchen counter, dinner table, computer table, and more. Make sure to either wipe these surfaces with soap water or with alcohol.

General cleaning is good if you don’t have guests around. But if you have guests or a party coming up with ten or more people, you should hire the cleaning service commercial offices hire. They are more intensive when disinfecting rooms and surfaces, and they have their own procedures and protocols for parties. So if you have something like that planned this month, make sure you get that particular service before and after the party. It will also save you a lot of time while keeping your family safe.

So here are ways you can proactively protect your home against the virus. With the rising cases of the Delta variant in the U.S., you must keep your home safe. Make an open-floor plan, create better ventilation, and disinfect your home whenever you can. This way, you can keep yourself and your family safe from the virus.

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