The Best Pandemic-proof Home Redesign Ideas

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Medical experts said that it is only a matter of time before the next pandemic arrives. We are not yet done with the current one, but we should already be preparing our homes for the next one. Another year of lockdown in our homes will not be good for our mental and physical health. However, with resourcefulness and ingenuity, we can have the dream pandemic-proof home that will keep us sane if another lockdown is needed.

The truth is that life after the COVID-19 pandemic will never be the same. That goes for your homes, too. How you design and style your home will be vastly different from when there is no pandemic. You need to consider many things when redesigning your home for the next pandemic or even for this current one. Health and hygiene are the priorities, but isolation rooms and access to the outdoors are important, too.

Access to Fresh Air and Nature

One of the most important things that people lose because of the pandemic is access to the great outdoors. As people try to isolate themselves from their loved ones, that also means staying more indoors than ever before. In the future, you should make nature and fresh air accessible to you and your family. For those living in high-rise buildings, it’s time to consider moving to a detached single-type family home.

For those in a single-family home, you have to make sure you have a patio and backyard where it is safe for you to stay during a lockdown. The only problem with most backyards is that they are not livable enough. Homeowners usually leave their backyards alone. Now, it is time to redesign it with a clear corrugated polycarbonate roofing sheet for cover or shade. You can also put some tables and chairs so you can entertain people outdoors when needed.

Set up an Isolation Room

If you have the extra space, set up an isolation room in your yard. Your basement can also be a good isolation area, though make sure there’s a separate access door to it. In case anyone in your family needs to isolate themselves because of exposure to a virus, the isolation room will be the perfect space for that.

Make sure to have a separate bathroom for this isolation room, too. Bathrooms can be the breeding ground of bacteria and viruses. These two rooms are essential in the future if ever there will be another pandemic.

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Choose Adjustable Walls Over Open-floor Layouts

Over the past decade, the debate between open-floor layouts and divisions became more intense. While some remain proponents of open-floor layouts, others are loyal to walls and divisions. The great thing about redesigning your home for a future pandemic is that you can put yourself in the middle. Choosing adjustable and movable walls seems to be the right thing for a pandemic-proof home. This way, you can create a mini area for your workstation or open the floor up when your kids need more space.

Start a Bunker Room

It doesn’t sound too crazy to set up a bunker, does it? Survivalists who talk about an apocalypse might be right after all. A war is, indeed, coming. The worst thing about COVID-19 is you cannot even see the enemy. A bunker might be a good idea because you never know what will happen in the future. Make sure to stock up the bunker with food and supplies. What’s the best area for a bunker in your home? Your basement is a good place to start. Turn it into a mini home where you can survive for months and even years.

Make the House Self-sufficient

Although it is hard for a home to become self-sufficient, you have to try not to depend on the main power grid, for example. Start installing solar panels on your roof so that you will have electricity even if you do not have access to the power grid. You can also try to expand your garden so that you can grow vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Most homes are dependent on technology. Smart homes, as they are called, will not work when there’s a natural catastrophe that affects the internet signal and electric source.

Whether there’s a pandemic looming on the horizon or not, it’s important to be ready for another one. The pandemic this past year should have taught you the value of preparation. If anything, it should have opened your eyes to the possibilities of your home and what role it will play during turbulent times.

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