Thinking Big in a Tiny House Kitchen

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Many people are unwilling to shift to tiny house living because space feels too important to give up. But oftentimes, having tons of space only serves as an encouragement to accumulate things without a second thought. Residing in a tiny house inspires people to live mindfully.

Having a lot of space is definitely a helpful feature in any home, but living in a tiny house only requires one to be more creative with making use of available space. In its own way, tiny house living is an adventure and a fun challenge for thinking big with what you have.

One of the toughest home areas that people have a hard time envisioning as a smaller space is the kitchen. It is a busy spot where you do your cooking, baking, and cleaning, after all. But don’t let the busyness fool you—there is so much you can do in a small kitchen!

Five Small Kitchen Hacks

You don’t need to follow too many rules regarding maximizing your kitchen space in a small home. These simple principles will go far in giving you a comfortable, breathable kitchen space that you will love to come back to every day.

1. Design your countertops strategically.

The dimensions and placement of your countertops are largely dependent on the existing layout of your home. Tucked in the wall of your kitchen or used as an island, you may benefit from expanding its size to accommodate different kinds of cooking needs in one area alone. A few inches may not seem like much, but you might thank yourself later when you are busy cooking up a storm.

The material is also important in opening up space in your kitchen. The simplest way is to use high-quality stone countertops such as granite, quartz, or marble to ensure durability. Opt for a lighter color, as this will give the kitchen a bigger feel.

Alternatively, if you have a kitchen island, you can also choose a contrasting color to make it the focal point of your kitchen. Having a “main event” that draws the eyes in also gives the illusion of a bigger space.

2. Go open and vertical with shelving.

In a small kitchen, every little ounce of space you have is precious. Instead of only using the available horizontal space on your countertops and lower shelves, see where you can add storage space vertically. You can use risers in multilevel organizers, too, to increase space.

Closing off your items in cabinets may seem like a great way to make your kitchen look clean, but these big blocks can shrink the space visually. Go for door-less shelves or even glass-door cabinets to give the kitchen a more open feel.


3. Hang your kitchen items.

Stacking things on top of each other isn’t the only way to maximize your kitchen storage. You can also install wall mounts to hang cooking equipment such as spatulas and pans or a magnetic bar to store knives. These are usually best placed underneath your higher cabinets or right by the sink.

You can also hang your mugs and stemware, where they can work as decoration to your kitchen space. If you want to use more, a trip to the store will usually introduce you to the different kinds of hanging storage solutions you can use for your own home.

4. Play with colors and designs.

A tiny house kitchen need not be drab and plain. It may even be more exciting to play around with when it comes to choosing the right shades and patterns!

While whites and other lighter colors are the best for opening up the space, contrasts also guide the eyes when looking at the room. A good trick is to use mirrors in the kitchen for an optical illusion of a bigger area. For instance, you can place them as your kitchen backsplash as a statement piece that widens the room visually.

5. Use good lighting.

Lighting works like magic in adding more life to your small kitchen. You can use hanging fixtures to brighten up the space and add to the room’s overall aesthetic quality without reducing the space in your kitchen area.

Keep It Uncluttered!

There will always be the temptation to keep accumulating stuff as you continue using your kitchen. Periodically take an inventory of the things you have and only buy items that you have space for and that you will actually use. Simply put, avoid impulse buying!

Rethink your potential purchases, especially if they will take up a lot of space in the kitchen. Remember, the key to maximizing your tiny house is to stay mindful.

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